Man arrested for posting graphic photos of woman killed in crash

A twisted British man was arrested Thursday for posting grisly photos of a dead car crash victim on social media, according to local reports.

The graphic images were shared over 70 times on Facebook, a user who saw the pics and asked for them to be taken down before reporting them to the police told The Times UK.

“Just seeing those images upset me and many other people,” said Jayne Sloman. “We were pleading with the poster to take them down.”

The photos were of the aftermath of a Monday morning crash that killed Lizzy Keenan, 30. Her partner Richard Keenan, 23, who was driving, crashed into two walls in Derby. He was charged with causing her death by dangerous driving.

Hours after the fatal accident, images of the scene began to circulate online.

“I cannot get the images out of my head now,” Sloman said. “It’s disturbing the lengths people will go to just get likes and shares on Facebook. Anybody else would turn away and not look again. Not stand there and take photos of such an awful incident.”

The unidentified 44-year-old man who allegedly posted the images was collared under the malicious communications act. Derbyshire Police said four photos were posted, but the offenses they are probing relate to only one.

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