Man catches wife ‘romping’ in back seat of car in Costco car park

This is the dramatic moment a man busts his ‘cheating wife’ allegedly having sex with another man in a supermarket carpark.

The clip, reportedly filmed outside a Costco in Newfoundland, Canada, shows a man storming his wife’s alleged rendezvous in an empty car park while a man swiftly and quietly leaves the scene in his own vehicle.

In the footage, the man, thought to be her husband, asks ‘Karen’ who she is having sex with, but she vehemently denies any wrongdoing while chasing after the cameraman.

The man follows her back to the car where the seats can be seen to have been folded down flat.

As the woman props up the seats, the man shouts, “so you’ve been f***ing him in the back seat?”

He then threatens to show the footage to her mother.

In retaliation, she asks if he has “found anything on my f***ing phone”, presumably in reference to any incriminating communications or videos with other men.

She continues to press her innocence and screeches that she “wasn’t doing anything” in protest to his persistent confrontation that she was “f***ing him” – despite being a married woman.

The pair get into the car and he throws a box of tissues at her.

The clip was shared on social media where viewers were quick to give their conclusions.

One person who appears to know the couple personally, defended the woman: “No one’s gonna talk about the fact that they separated three weeks ago according to HIS Facebook so it literally isn’t his business?”

Others speculated the chap was making a scene to pin the failing of the marriage on the wife.

One Reddit user said the hot-headed fella could be making a scene to cover “his own a** while making her out to be the ultimate evil”.

And another noted his wife says she found a condom wrapper in his laundry – querying why he cares if he is also seeing other people privately.

Another more cynical proposal was the husband is looking for better divorce odds, provoking his wife to admit cheating on tape so the divorce finances-split would swing in his favour.

One person seemed disturbed by the content, noting: “This is a sad, private moment.”

In agreement, another said: “Yeah it was sad, she seems very unhappy and now he's going to destroy her. He didn't seem too bothered either and wasn't going to confront her until the dude drove off and then he was all business.”

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