Man digs up human skull in vegetable garden and is stunned by wife’s explanation

A man who found a human skull while planting potatoes was left even more stunned when he rushed to tell his wife about the grim find.

The 60-year-old woman remained calm and told him: “Don’t worry, it’s my first husband.”

She added: “Bury the remains again, forget about it, and we won’t tell the police.”

The woman eventually confessed that 21 years ago she had struck her first husband with an axe during a row, dismembered the 52-year-old man and buried him in her potato patch.

The woman claims she acted in self-defence when the man came home drunk and started beating her.

After killing him, she pretended that he had gone to work and never returned home, and then carried on with her life and remarried.

The man’s skull and other bones were recently discovered by her second husband at their property in Luzino, a village in Russia’s Omsk region of Siberia.

He ignored her demands and went to police to report the crime.

The unnamed woman confessed to killing her first husband, said the Russian Investigative Committee, which probes serious crimes.

In a crime reconstruction photographed by detectives, she showed how she dismembered her husband with an axe.

Police dug out the vegetable garden and found other bones.

A judge put the woman under house arrest during the criminal investigation.

She faces a charge of wilful killing with a maximum penalty of ten years in prison.

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