Man duct tapes windows to keep out "unbearable" smell of dead neighbour

A man claims he has been forced to live with the "unbearable" smell of his dead neighbour – because a housing association won’t clear up her flat.

Furious Archie McDonald says he has now had to put duct tape around the door and windows of his neighbour’s flat, where she lay dead for 10 days.

He claims the warm weather has made the smell unbearable, the Daily Record reports.

But bosses at Glasgow Housing Association in Scotland apparently say they can’t clean 82-year-old Genevieve Cheng’s flat until her relatives are found.

Speaking last week, a spokesperson said they had been allowed access by police to "clear some items" and had "instructed a specialist contractor".

Mr McDonald told the Evening Times how he had peered through Ms Cheng’s letterbox after noticing a lack of movement from the property.

He said: "There hadn’t been any movement from her (Ms Cheng’s) flat so I mentioned it to the concierge and we eventually had a look through the letterbox. The smell was like nothing you would be believe.

“The police came and opened the door and were gagging from the smell."

He added: “The longer they (GHA) leave it, the worse the smell is getting.

"I’ve had to duct tape every part of the door that the smell would possibly be coming out of but it’s still lingering."

Ms Cheng, from the Partick area of Glasgow, reportedly has two children from a previous relationship and previously lived on Kelvinhaugh Street.

A GHA spokesperson said: “This matter is being dealt with by the police.

“We were allowed access by the police this week to clear some items. We instructed a specialist contractor and this was done within 24 hours.”

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