Man ‘has sex with mate’s dog in public’ before destroying church nativity scene

A man has been arrested after allegedly launching into a sick rampage while taking a mate’s goldendoodle for a walk in the US.

Chad Mason, 36, horrified a group of adults and a child after he abandoned any idea of walking the dog and instead began sexually assaulting the animal.

The shocking incident unfolded at around 4:30 on Sunday afternoon (December 4) when the Florida man allegedly took his trousers down in a busy street and started to have sex with the dog.

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Bystanders immediately called the police, but as officers arrived, Mason stormed off and is accused of destroying a nativity scene at a nearby church.

Police say that Mason had been taking the pet out for a walk on McMullen Booth Road, in Clearwater.

But then he inexplicably initiated sexual contact with the dog in front of numerous witnesses, including adults and a juvenile, who was less than 16 years old.

Police said that as officers arrived and Mason ran to the nearby Northwood Presbyterian Church, where he knocked over a nativity display, broke potted plants, and tossed children's toys from the playground area. Officials estimated about $400 (about £330) in damages to the church.

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In addition to the charge of sexual activity with an animal, Mason also faces charges of two counts of lewd or lascivious exhibition, two counts of exposure of sexual organs, criminal mischief, and criminal mischief to a place of worship.

Fox News reports that Mason claimed he knew the owner of the dog and was taking it for a walk.

The police report claims he "began to wreak havoc in the surrounding areas".

Mason has been booked into the Pinellas County Jail, where he is currently being held pending a court appearance, authorities said.


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