Man hurtling to death from 2,500ft untangles parachute with moments to spare

A man plunging 2,500ft towards the ground managed to rescue himself from "certain death" as he untangled his parachute in the nick of time

Yanis Teriz, 35, was paramotoring – which is powered paragliding – in Brazil when a tear in the wing saw him spin out of control.

Footage of the terrifying drama in Itatiba shows Yanis hurtling towards earth.

He can be seen chucking out his emergency chute – but it gets tangled in his paragliding lines as he plummets at hundreds of miles an hour.

Yanis stays as cool as a cucumber, though, and manages to untangle the wires before managing to deploy the parachute with just moments to spare.

Experienced Yanis, who has been paramotoring for 10 years, said: "I have done many flights and that is the closest I have come to certain death.

"In the past I have had small incidents like emergency landings but nothing like this.

"I was falling through the sky at a rapid pace, and if I did not manage to untangle the parachute I would not be speaking to you right now.

"I have learnt a valuable lesson from the experience but it didn't stop me from going out straight after for my next flight.”

The incident happened in July 2020.

Last year a man died after a horror paramotor accident in the UK.

Dan Burton, 54, a cameraman, was killed in a mid-air crash with a second paramotor that was being piloted by Sacha Dench, who has been nicknamed the Human Swan.

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They were taking part in a 3,000-mile journey around the UK as part of the Round Britain Climate Challenge.

Sacha was taken to hospital with serious injuries following the tragedy, which happened in the Scottish Highlands.

The biologist, a relative of Dame Judi Dench, gained her moniker after raising awareness of the plight of Bewick's swans by flying from the Russian Arctic to Britain.

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