Man jailed for 6 months for owning 4 bottles of Hitlerwine in Austria 

Man is jailed for six months for collecting four bottles of Hitler wine in Austria

  • 31-year-old from Vorarlberg region of Austria was jailed for six months under Austria’s prohibition law which makes it illegal to glorify the Nazis 
  • The man owned several bottles of wine depicting Hitler alongside Nazis slogans
  • Also had a jacket with ‘white power’ badge and belt buckles with Nazi symbols
  • Man was convicted of breaking the same law in 2012 with Nazi-themed tattoos

A 31-year-old man from Austria has been jailed for six months for owning four bottles of wine glorifying Hitler and the Nazis (file)

An Austrian man has been jailed after government officials discovered his collection of Nazi-themed wine.

The 31-year-old, who has not been named because of Austria’s strict privacy laws, also owned a jacket with a ‘white power’ label, and a key fob and two belt buckles featuring Nazi symbols.

The man was found guilty and jailed for six months in addition to an 18-month suspended sentence for an unrelated drug crime. 

Austria’s prohibition law makes it illegal to glorify the Nazis, deny the Holocaust, or belittle Nazi war crimes. 

Inspectors had been called to the man’s home on the suspicion that he was violating his drug probation when the Nazi memorabilia was discovered, Neue reports.

Three of the bottles had an image of Hitler on them and the fourth had an image of Nazi soldiers. 

Prosecutors said the bottles were labelled Ein Volk, ein Reich, ein Fuhrer, meaning One People, One Empire, One Leader; Hitlerwein, and Die Anhangerschaft von Hitler, meaning The Fansbase of Hitler.

Inspectors called to his home amid suspicions he was breaching his probation for a drug offence discovered the wine along with a ‘white power’ jacket and Nazi belt buckles (file)

The man was previously convicted of breaching prohibition laws in 2012 by having Nazi tattoos, which have since been removed.

His defense lawyer argued that the man had believed in Nazism while a student but he had since reformed and is now ‘centre-Left’.

He said the wine was bought some time ago in Italy, where it is legal, and brought back to the man’s house before being stored in a cupboard and forgotten about.

Asked why he had bought the wine, the man said he found it ‘amusing’.

Prosecutors countered that officials saw the wine in his hallway alongside a combat helmet, and that anyone visiting the home would have been able to see them.

It was no coincidence that the win was positioned there, lawyers added. 

Fascist souvenirs are still widely available in Italy, especially on the Italian side of the Brenner Pass, where Hitler and Italian dictator Benito Mussolini met in the 1940s.  

One souvenir shop owner said ‘it was mainly youngsters’ who are buying such souvenirs saying ‘there is a huge demand’ for wines with the labels of Benito Mussolini, Adolf Hitler and other infamous fascists and Nazis. 

The man said he bought the wine in Italy, where fascist-themed souvenirs are allowed, before bringing it back to Austria, which it is illegal

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