Man knifed pal in the heart and posted video kicking dead body to social media

A 20-year old man from Wrexham has been found guilty of murder after stabbing his friend in the heart before sharing gruesome videos of his dead body on social media.

Deranged Mark Jones denied murdering Kyle Walley, 19, despite Mold Crown Court being shown harrowing online footage of him kicking Mr Walley's dead body on Snapchat.

In another clip, the court looked on as Jones held up his bloodstained hands claiming he had stabbed Mr Walley before declaring he was "going to do time".

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A video on social media, meanwhile, showed Jones drinking alcohol in his victim's flat while making stabbing actions behind his back.

In a video posted from the same property he could be heard saying he was "thinking of stabbing someone up right now".

The court heard that Jones, who had an "obsession" with knives had even contacted Mr Walley on a number of occasions before the attack, in which he said "I'm going to stab you up tomorrow."

Police were alerted after friends of the pair saw the videos themselves.

The court later learned that Mr Walley was on the phone to his friend Attia Jones, a call in which she heard him yell at Jones to "put the knife down".

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Screaming ensued before Ms Jones heard the defendant apologising and saying it was "my ADHD".

Jones had travelled to Mr Walley's flat at lunch time on that fateful day to watch the Euro 2020 final between England and Italy.

However, Mr Walley was killed before the game kicked off at 5pm.

Defendant Jones declared that he had acted in self defence as Mr Walley had come at him with a blade.

Judge Mr Justice Stephen Eyre told Jones however, that he will be sentenced to life on Friday (March 17), when the minimum term he will serve behind bars will be determined.


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