Man murders girlfriend 20 years after he was jailed for attack on another lover

An evil boyfriend murdered his partner 20 years after he was jailed for a copycat attack on another girlfriend.

Roger Crossan, 53, was jailed for 21 years this month after murdering Moira Gilbertson, 57, and leaving her body to rot in his flat for days.

A court heard the killer stabbed mum-of-one Moira in the chest following a drink, heroine and methadone binge in Edinburgh in October last year.

But Crossan killed psychiatric nurse Sandra Fassam in a similar way 20 years ago. He plunged a knife into Susan’s chest but claimed it was an accident when the knife he used to cut Susan’s birthday cake "slipped".

However, he was caged for eight years for manslaughter and served six.

Sandra’s brother Paul Fassam has now said Crossan should have been spending life behind bars after murdering his sister in Margate, Kent.

Paul, 55, said: “The judicial system failed. He stabbed my sister with a nine-inch knife through her chest and broke her rib. He said he was cutting the cake and it slipped, that just couldn’t have happened.

“A massive mistake was made 20 years ago. He should have got life and then he wouldn’t have been out, the poor woman in Scotland would never have met him and she would be alive today.”

Paul said Crossan was a domestic abuser who had given his sister a black eye and took her bank card after he had killed her and used it to draw money from her account.

Paul added: “Sandra was hard-working and loved her music, she was a bit of a hippy. She always wanted to help people and she thought she was helping him. That cost her her life.

"She got the black eye and then it got worse and worse. She told us she had finished with him but she had gone to see him that day.
“I don’t blame the police, they were gutted at the sentence he got, but I blame the judicial system.”

Crossan had also previously been convicted in 2011 for assaulting Moira by choking her but had received a supervision order rather than a custodial sentence.

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