Man plunges eight-inch knife into own skull – but miraculously survives

A man has cheated death after plunging a knife into his skull ‘to help him breathe better.’

Yury Zhokhov, 41, was found by police kneeling in a field with the eight inch kitchen blade buried in his head.

He claimed he wanted to make another hole in his skull because he could not breathe properly through his nose.

"My nose was not breathing. I pierced my head to breathe," he said.

A law enforcement source in the Russian town of Donetsk in Rostov region said the man “was fully conscious" when they found him.

X-rays taken after he was rushed to hospital show how deeply the knife had pierced his head – with medics saying it was a “miracle” he had not killed himself or suffered acute brain damage.

Surgeons removed the knife and say the man is alive but in a “grave” condition because of the risk of infection.

The astonishing scene was filmed on a police video as shocked officers arrived at the scene and realised how at least five inches of the blade was embedded in the head of a man known locally as Yura.

“Who stuck it in you?” asked a bemused policeman who pleaded with the man not to try and move his head or the knife, fearing he would die immediately.

“Don’t touch, don’t touch,” said the officer.

Then the man calmly explained he had done this to himself.

“My nose was not breathing. I pierced my head to breathe,” he said.

“So my head could breathe…but the knife stuck… and my head doesn’t breathe.”

The officer instructs the man: “Sit as you are, do not move….do not bend your head.”

The officer’s quick thinking is believed to have saved the man’s life.

Neurosurgeons were rushed from regional capital Rostov-on-Don to remove the knife.

A medic said it is "miraculous" he survived.

An Emergencies Ministry spokesman said: “The blade itself was …buried so deeply inside.

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“It was horrific. Even our experienced nurses, who have seen so much, still cannot get over it.

“The X-rays were made showing the blade was exactly between the two hemispheres of the brain.

“Local doctors did not dare pull it out.

“They called the regional hospital, and asked them to send specialists for help.”

The man works as a technician at a local factory, it was reported.

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