Man sets himself on fire trying to burn surgeon's clinic in Colombia

‘Up in flames’: Shocking moment man sets himself on fire while trying to burn down controversial surgeon’s clinic in Colombia where several patients died

  • Colombia authorities are searching for a man who set a surgeon’s clinic on fire on Wednesday morning
  • The suspect reportedly sought revenge for the deaths of several patients who had been operated at the facility
  • The suspect was seen on camera spreading gasoline on the building’s exterior wall before he set himself on fire and managed to escape

A man’s plan to torch a controversial clinic in Colombia backfired when he accidentally set himself on fire.

Local media outlets reported that the individual was seeking revenge over the alleged deaths of patients who had undergone surgery at the clinic in the central Colombian municipality of Villavicencio. 

A security camera showed the man, who was wearing a motorcycle helmet, approaching the building early Wednesday morning and emptying a container of gasoline. 

He slipped over the sidewalk and struggled to remain upright as he continued to spread the flammable liquid over the property’s exterior wall. 

An arsonist runs away with the back of his body covered in flames after he set fire to a surgeon’s clinic in Colombia on Wednesday 

A surgeon clinic’s surveillance camera captured the moment a man approached the building with a container of gasoline before he set the property on fire. Local reports indicate the arsonist acted in response to the deaths of patients who died after getting surgery at the facility

He then reached down to light up the gasoline when a huge fireball shot out from the building. 

The man’s body was subsequently covered in flames and he ran down the street before he disappeared from the surveillance camera’s view.

A suspect spills gasoline on the exterior wall of a building where a surgeon’s clinic is located in Villavicencio, Colombia

The man slipped while spreading gasoline on the wall of a clinic in Colombia before he set himself on fire

Firefighters were able to keep the fire from spreading throughout the building by extinguishing the flames in the electrical room and garbage chute system, according to Colombian newspaper El Tiempo.

The extent of the arsonist’s injuries remained unknown as of Thursday afternoon.

The building owner filed a report with the local prosecutor’s office and urged authorities to launch a search for the suspect’s arrest.

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