Man spotted riding mobility scooter down the street — waving a snake

These bizarre photos capture a man riding a mobility scooter — as he grappled with a snake.

Witnesses said the man swung the serpent by its tail as he travelled along the pavement.

"Just some guy on a mobility scooter, grappling with a snake, as he makes his way along a south London street," tweeted David Videcette who also took snaps of the unusual scene.

The pictures were captured in Streatham Hill, south London.

And David, a former counter-terror detective from nearby Croydon, told The Evening Standard: "We have an odd and eclectic bunch in this part of the world, and seeing this man was perfect.

"It was like something out of an art gallery – I felt like nothing was as it should. It belonged in the Tate Modern."

"There’s lots of weird and wonderful characters. It’s what makes south London so amazing."

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Other Twitter users from the area said they recognised the man, clad in grey tracksuit bottoms and a blue tank top.

One user said the man is called Roger and he has named his snake Unique.

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