Man with ‘world’s longest tongue’ break Jenga world record using freak body part

The man with the longest tongue in the world has smashed a Jenga world record using his freakishly large body part.

Nick Stoeberl, from California, US, was already a Guinness World Record holder after his tongue was officially ruled the longest on Earth.

Speaking to the Guinness World Records YouTube channel, he explained: "The average tongue length is just over three inches – 7.9cm for women and 8.5cm for men. Mine is 10.1cm, or 3.97 inches."

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Nick said he always wanted to do "something" with the long tongue after securing that record, and has even successfully managed to paint with it.

The record he tried to break recently was the fastest time to remove five Jenga blocks with the tongue.

The previous fastest time was one minute. His attempt was filmed by Guinness World Records and saw him easily record the best time, clocking in at 55.526 seconds.

Nick said that his tongue is useful in day-to-day scenarios as well as for world record attempts.

He explained: "Having a long tongue like mine is a very good social in, it is a good icebreaker. You can bet someone you have the longest tongue in the world, they'll say 'no'.

"Having a long tongue, I don't think it necessarily helps my sense of taste. Maybe it makes me eat more, because I have to feed it.

"If I get my face dirty while eating I can just lick the food off right there. It's eco-friendly, no napkins needed."

He also reckons that being a Guinness World Record holder has changed his life.

"I've been able to go to different countries and see all different kinds of cultures and hang out with good people and have good food," he said.

"It's very fun and I looked at the books as a kid and so to be in them is just an honour – it's huge."

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