Manhattan condo can ditch Trump name: judge

A Manhattan condominium can dump the Trump name from its façade, a judge ruled.

“The court declines to accept the defendant’s assertion that the parties are required to continue the use of the identification ‘Trump’ in perpetuity,” Manhattan Supreme Court Justice Ellen Bransten said Thursday.

But, she added, Trump could still sue the board of 200 Riverside Blvd. — Trump Place — if it scraps the affiliation without a majority of the residents approving the change.

“The court is not providing any declaration that tomorrow plaintiff may remove the Trump name from the building façade without fear or threat of being sued,” Bransten ruled.

The building’s attorney, Harry Lipman, declined to comment on the residents’ next move.

Residents of the Lincoln Square tower sued the president’s company, DJT Holdings, in January to affirm their right to drop his name from their 376-unit luxury building.

Some residents have expressed concerns that the Trump affiliation could cause security threats.

But company attorney Alan Garten had warned that taking the Trump name off the property would be a “flagrant” breach of a nearly 20-year-old license agreement.

Bransten disagreed.

“Only the affirmative use of the identifications require consent,” she said.

DJT Holdings attorney Lawrence Rosen said the removal of the signage would require the vote of over 66 percent of the residents.

“Our position throughout has been that if they can get the supermajority, they can certainly change the name,” Rosen said.

Rosen said he disagreed with the judge’s interpretation of the license agreement, but had not decided whether to appeal her ruling.

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