Man’s penis became ‘entirely buried’ after his scrotum ‘swelled to 30cm’

A man’s scrotum became so swollen he couldn’t walk and his penis disappeared, it was reported.

The unnamed 44-year-old’s scrotum swelled to 30cm and became "extremely thickened" due to a debilitating condition.

Eventually, doctors had to cut away part of the skin to cure the problem, a medical report said.

The man, from Melbourne in Australia, suffered from genital lymphoedema.

The chronic condition causes swelling and the patient had a seven-year history of problems in the genital area.

According to The Sun , the man’s balls became so big he was unable to move between a bed and a chair.

It also meant he couldn’t drive and it had, unsurprisingly, ruined his sex life.

His scrotum swelled to 30cm and the skin was "extremely thickened", it was reported.

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According to the Sun, Dr Derek Hennessey wrote in British Medical Journal report that: "The testicles were undetectable, and the glans of the penis was only palpable by introducing a gloved finger into the fold of skin from which urine emerged."

To cure the problem doctors cut away the swollen scrotum and then rebuilt it using skin from an unaffected area.

They were also able to save his testicles, spermiatic chord and penis shaft.

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