Marble-plated banquet halls, golden throne rooms and even parking space for a Rolls Royce… inside the world's most impressive super planes

But, with cruising heights of over 30,000 feet, the views from their rounded windows would put any penthouse to shame.

A far cry from the cramped cattle-class flying experience most of us know and loathe, these £500 million super planes are the height of luxury, with on-board chefs, enormous bedrooms and – believe it or not – plenty of legroom for all.

Many of the world's most luxurious rides are full-sized commercial jets which have been re-fitted to a luxury spec – like the palatial plane currently being sold by the Qatari royal family.

Meanwhile, other celebrities rely on swish private jets to get them from A to B, and Hollywood personalities from Harrison Ford to Oprah Winfrey are the proud owners of their own swanky planes.

But what are these ultra-exclusive jets like on the inside? Here's something to think about next time you find yourself wedged into an economy seat with a screaming baby behind you…

The royal ride with a built-in banquet hall

Owner: Qatari royal family

Cost: £500 million

If you're after high-flying luxury, you couldn't do much better than the Qatari royal family's moving mansion.

The modified Boeing 747-8, a model which can carry up to 460 passengers, has been stripped out and re-fitted to suit the luxurious tastes of the Middle-Eastern royals.

Decked out in gold, the plane now seats just 76 guests and 18 crew, with a warren of suites including an enormous banquet hall, luxurious bedrooms, ten bathrooms and a dedicated medical room.

Like what you see? The good news is the plane is currently up for sale. The bad news is it'll cost you an estimated £500m (and that's before you have to fork out for a parking space).

The golden Airbus fit for a prince

Owner: Prince Al-Waleed bin Talal, a Saudi royal and investor

Cost: £380 million

With a lounge glinting with gold and marble, and a throne-like seat in the middle of the room, you'd think you were waiting for an audience in the heart of a palace.

But this room is actually the jewel of the £380m custom-made Airbus A380 belonging to Saudi businessman and royal Prince Al-Waleed bin Talal.

The plane was designed to fit 800 passengers, but with £16 billion in the bank, the prince could afford to strip out the usual fittings to make room for a marble-finished bath and an on-board parking space for his Rolls Royce.

Today his plane is the world's biggest private jet, containing a 14-seat dining room, a sprawling, carpeted lounge and a prayer room where computer-controlled mats pivot so they're always facing Mecca no matter where the prince is flying.

Trump's answer to Air Force One

Owner: Donald Trump

Cost: £63 million

Before Donald Trump was president, he was still Donald Trump, so he naturally had his own private plane anyway.

And the tycoon's Boeing 757, painted black and red with his name on the side, is even more impressive than Air Force One, the presidential plane Trump now uses.

With an estimated cost of £63 million, the modified Boeing has been fitted with a double bed, a spacious lounge with a wide-screen TV, and a marble bathroom, with gleaming gold accents running throughout.

Trump has also been able to stamp his personal touch on every surface, with the family crest embossed on the cushions and pillows in the flying mansion.

The flying penthouse with en-suite rooms and showers

Owner: Aviation company DeerJet

Cost: £230 million

There's only one private Boeing 787 Dreamliner in the world, and this is it.

Built at a cost of £230 million, the jet, dubbed the "flying penthouse", has been fitted out like a hotel, complete with an en suite master bedroom for a sleepy VIP.

Available to charter for £20,000, the 40-seater craft has a separate lounge with space for 16 passengers, who can use personal tablets to control the lighting, blinds and TVs in their part of the jet.

The swanky craft, owned by aviation company DeerJet, even has built-in showers – something the rest of us could all do with after a few hours crammed into economy seats.

The charter plane with a resident mixologist

Owner: Crystal Cruises

Cost: £43,000 per hour to charter

If you're a millionaire without your own plane then you could do a lot worse than forking out £43,000 per hour to rent the Crystal Skye.

The biggest charter jet in the world, this converted Boeing 777 has room for just 88 passengers, rather than the usual 300, and is designed to be rented out by wealthy socialites and groups of travelling dignitaries.

There's a fully-equipped 24-seat restaurant and professional mixologist on board, so the usual damp and anaemic in-flight meal can be swapped for a rare steak and a martini to wash it down.

What's more, every seat can be converted into a full size-bed and your ticket comes with a pair of complimentary PJs… but with double-width aisles big enough to dance in and luxury drinks on tap, you'd be mad to doze off for even a minute.

The ride of choice for Hollywood's elite

Owners: Oprah Winfrey, Celine Deon, Steven Spielberg 

Cost: £27.6 million

What plane do you get if you're rich and famous enough to go plane shopping, but not quite loaded enough to modify your own Boeing?

Priced at £27.6 million, the Bombardier Global Express is the answer for celebs ranging from Oprah Winfrey and Celine Deon to Steven Spielberg.

While not as large as the other luxury planes, this nifty jet still has room for up to 14 passengers, with a leather interior and designer fixtures throughout the cabin.

And for the A-listers with busy schedules, the Global Express packs an extra punch: it's designed for efficient, long-range travel, and can fly for up to 16 hours without needing to stop for refuelling.

The luxury juggernaut built for VIPs

Manufacturer: Boeing

Cost: £280 million

The Boeing 747-8 VIP is the longest and second largest airliner ever built… and it just might be the most luxurious plane on the market as well.

With a basic price tag of £280 million, buyers can then choose from an array of interior options to fill the impressive 4,786 square feet of space.

The VIP jet has a minimalist feel which runs through the stateroom, lounge, office and dining room… and it's clearly been designed with a business guru in mind.

The large table has been fitted out for high-flyers to take conference calls, while the white-walled bedroom offers total tranquillity as the jet cruises through the air.

The luxury Cessna favoured by Harrison Ford

Owner: Harrison Ford

Cost: £20 million

Premium plane-maker Cessna is at the forefront of the private jet business for a reason: their compact but mighty craft are the height of luxury.

With their light, airy interiors and reclining armchairs for up to 12 travelling VIPs, it's no surprise that models like the Citation Longitude have price tags in excess of £20 million.

The Cessna 680 Sovereign, meanwhile, is a bit cheaper – but at £11.8 million it's still only an option for the biggest spenders.

Star Wars actor and keen pilot Harrison Ford has one (among his personal collection of eight planes)… and if it's good enough for Han Solo, it's good enough for anyone.

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