Marijuana Legalization 2018 Live Voting Results: Vote Totals From Michigan, North Dakota, Utah, And Missouri

Four states will vote on marijuana legalization on Election Day, and those who want to follow live results will have a few options to keep up with the vote totals.

On Tuesday, voters in North Dakota and Michigan will vote on whether to legalize the recreational use of marijuana while voters in Missouri and Utah will vote on whether or not to legalize the medical use of marijuana. A number of states have already taken these steps in the last few years, and several of the measures are expected to pass.

Below is a guide on how to follow the marijuana legalization election results live in each of the states voting.


Voters in Michigan will decide on whether to pass Proposal 1, which would legalize recreational marijuana in the state. Polling has shown that a majority of voters support the measure, with support even among those who say they have no plans to use marijuana but would welcome the economic benefits of legalizing it.

Those who want to follow the live results of the marijuana legalization vote in Michigan can follow voting totals from the New York Times. Voting totals on the marijuana vote can be found at the bottom of the page under “Ballot Measures.” Others who prefer to watch a livestream coverage of the Michigan vote can find live online video from WXYZ in Detroit.

North Dakota

Voters in North Dakota will also get the chance to decide if their state legalizes recreational marijuana. This would allow the state’s residents to grow or possess an unlimited amount of marijuana, though critics say there is not a sufficient system in place to regulate the marijuana market, Esquire reported.

Live results from the North Dakota marijuana legalization vote can be found at the New York Times, under “Ballot Measures” at the bottom of the page. Livestream news coverage of the North Dakota voting results can also be found at KFYR-TV.


Missouri voters will be choosing from three options to legalize marijuana — one that would legalize it with a 4 percent sales tax with revenue going to veteran services, one with a 15 percent sales tax to support a cancer research center, and one with a 2 percent tax that would be split between veteran services, law enforcement, education, and drug treatment.

Live totals from the Missouri marijuana vote can be found at the New York Times, and livestream news coverage can be found through Fox 2 in St. Louis and Fox 4 in Kansas City.


Voters in Utah will be deciding whether to approve Prop 2, which would allow marijuana for the state’s residents with qualifying medical conditions and set up a state-regulated marijuana pharmacy system. As Esquire noted, the law would also allow residents who do not live within 100 miles of a pharmacy to grow up to six plans of their own. The law would not allow people to smoke marijuana, but would allow for products like edibles, the report noted.

Live results from the Utah marijuana legalization vote can be found on the New York Times under “Ballot Measures.” Streaming news coverage can be found at Fox 13 in Salt Lake City.

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