Married City worker 'dragged 18-year-old girl down alley and raped her in 30-minute attack before leaving her unconscious, half-naked and covered in urine and vomit'

Sanhat Naker, 28, allegedly approached the woman after she was thrown out of the Number 1 club in London Bridge for being too intoxicated.

He then slung her over his shoulder and dragged her away from the busy street on March 11 last year, Inner London Crown Court heard.

In a 30 minute attack he forced her to perform sex acts before raping her, it is alleged.

Naker, a consultant for PricewaterhouseCoopers, was found by a passerby at 4:45am, standing over her and zipping up his trousers, as she lay unconscious and covered in urine and vomit.

After being questioned by police, Naker said the woman was “really horny” and begged him for sex.

Jurors heard how the last thing she remembered was standing in the smoking area with her cousin at the club and then staring at a brick wall in the alley.

She learnt the next day how she had been kissing a man from the party on the sofas in the VIP area later that night, but had no recollection of it.

So when she woke up in hospital the next day with pains to her vaginal and anal area she “felt really really scared.”

She sobbed as the told the court: “I did not remember having sexual intercourse with anyone that night.
“I do not go clubbing very often and I don't drink that much.

“It was like I was drugged or something and my head hurt so I thought I might have hit it at some point.

“I did not want to have sex. I was on my period and I was also seeing people, and I'm not one to just have a one night stand. It was a bit out of character.

“The next day I could not find my tampon, and when I went to the hospital. They found it inside of me and pulled it out.

The 18-year-old college student had joined her cousin on a night out to celebrate a birthday and she knew nobody else at the club.

The pair entered the VIP area, where men she described as “Araby looking” were pouring her drinks of vodka and Redbull.

The men referred to the woman as the “buff cousin”, who was “pretty” and “attractive”, and one tried to kiss her.

She could be seen outside on CCTV staggering about after being denied re-entry to the club, falling into a gutter.

Neena Crinnion, prosecuting said that Naker had been denied entry and was “loitering” outside.

“He managed to manoeuvre her on to his back, into a piggyback position, and he is off across the road and down towards the passageway,” said Ms Crinnion.

The jury watched CCTV, which showed the victim slumped over Naker’s back, before falling to the ground.

Ms Crinnion said: “Even in her drunken state she managed to push him off. She started to claw her way along the wall.

“Mr Naker gets hold of her and drags her along the walkway. When passersby come along, he leaves her alone but as soon as they are out of view he goes back to get her.

“He quickly got off the ground and fastened his trousers then took a minicab to the home he shares with his wife.'

Naker told police the sex was consensual and said the woman had not appeared drunk.

He admitted later searching online for a definition of the word “rape” but said it reassured him he had done nothing wrong.

Naker, from Wood Green, north London, denies one count of attempted rape, one charge of assault by penetration, and a count of sexual assault.

The trial continues.

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