Massive crocodile emerges from the sea and swallows SHARK whole leaves sunbather ‘shaking’ on Oz beach

THIS is the terrifying moment a 13ft "monster" crocodile climbed onto a beach to eat a stranded shark.

The footage was filmed by Yvonne Palmer who had reeled in a baby shark with a fishing rod in North Queensland, Australia.

Yvonne had tried to put the shark back in the water until she saw the huge croc lurking.

But she did not expect the beast to come out of the sea and onto the beach to enjoy a lunch time snack.

Posting the clip on Instagram, she said: "Check out this monster … holy smackers.

"I just caught a shark, which I couldn't get back into the water because this fella was coming and now he's going to come and eat it and I am going to sh*t myself."

Yvonne says she was shaking as the crocodile munched the still-flapping shark "less than 10 metres" away from her.

The beachgoer estimated that the massive reptile was around four metres (13 feet) long – athough part of his tail was still under water.

While filming the clip, Yvonne said she was "shaking."

She can be heard saying: "F**k me dead, I cannot stop shaking, welcome to Cardwell, North Queensland.

"Oh my lord, he's like one, two, three, I can see like four metres and he's still got tail in the water, that's the biggest crocodile I've ever seen in my life."

When posting to Facebook, Yvonne apologised for her bad language in the clip, saying: "Sorry about all the foul language guys, but I was sh*tting myself."

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