Matt Hancock booked summer holiday as Brits warned it’s ‘too early’ to make plan

The Health Secretary has booked his own summer holiday despite Prime Minister Boris Johnson warning Brits it's too early to make plans.

Matt Hancock confirmed he has booked a family trip to Cornwall, according to the HuffPost.

The revelation comes after Mr Johnson failed to provide answers about booking holidays, and said Brits should wait until February 22 before they make any plans.

In Wednesday's press briefing, the leader cautioned against booking any trips until there is more clarity.

Earlier in the day, Transport Secretary Grant Shapps had cast doubt on the prospect of Brits being allowed to book holidays for the months ahead as the pandemic continues to rage.

In a series of broadcast interviews, Mr Hancock said people needed to be "patient" over summer getaways and linked hopes of breaks with the success of vaccine rollout.

His comments came after 24 hours of mixed messages from the Government, with Mr Shapps insisting people should not book foreign trips or staycations, reports The Mirror.

The Prime Minister's spokesman later said it was a matter for "individuals" before Mr Johnson himself said it was "too early".

Mr Hancock then confirmed to a meeting of MPs on Wednesday that he had booked a trip, according to HuffPost.

Last month, he said he was planning to make a trip to popular holiday destination and he was optimistic about the "great British summer"

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Asked if he was still promising a "great British summer", he told BBC Radio 4's Today programme: "Well I very much hope so.

"But there is of course uncertainty. As the PM set out yesterday, we do have to be patient."

He added: "What I can tell you is we are all working incredibly hard to try to ensure that not only people can have a holiday this summer, but also, even before then, people can see loved ones and we get life more back to normal.

"It is too early to say when and the PM will set out more details in the week beginning February 22."

In another interview, he pointed to the success of the vaccine rollout as a key factor.

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Mr Hancock told BBC Breakfast: "We are doing everything that we possibly can to make sure that people can have a holiday this summer but the vaccine rollout is absolutely essential to that.

"We will set out more in more detail when we can, but at the moment unfortunately there is that uncertainty still."

"But because things like the vaccine rollout are going well, that is the progress that people want to see, but nevertheless there is still the uncertainty over where we will be by the summer, of course there is, and people understand that."

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