May stresses importance of Iran Nuclear Deal with country’s President

Theresa May stresses the importance of the Iran Nuclear Deal despite Trump walking away from it in talks with country’s President Rouhani

  • The UK’s Prime Minister reiterated her commitment to the 2015 peace accord
  • The pair spoke this evening after Trump announced the US exit on Tuesday
  • She said it is in both the UK and Iran’s national interests to maintain the deal

Prime Minister Theresa May has stressed the importance of the Iran Nuclear deal in talks with the nation’s President Hassan Rouhani – despite Trump’s walking away.  

Speaking to the President on the phone this evening, May reiterated her commitment to the deal, which the US president slammed as ‘disastrous’.

A spokesman for Mrs May said: ‘The Prime Minister reiterated the UK’s position that we and our European partners remain firmly committed to ensuring the Iran nuclear deal is upheld.

The UK’s Theresa May has spoken with Iran’s President Hassan Rouhani, saying it was in both nation’s interest to stick to the accord

Iran’s president Hassan Rouhani has spoken with Theresa May over the phone this evening

‘She said it is in both the UK and Iran’s national security interests to maintain the deal and welcomed president Rouhani’s public commitment to abide by its terms, adding that it is essential that Iran continues to meet its obligations.

‘The Prime Minister made clear that the UK condemns the Iranian missile attacks against Israeli forces and called on Iran to refrain from any further attacks. She said it was important to avoid provocative actions to ensure peace and security in the region.’

President Donald Trump said on Tuesday that the US would walk away from the Iran nuclear deal, calling it ‘disastrous’ and an ’embarrassment’

US President DOnald Trump said on Tuesday that he had ‘definitive proof’ Iran was lying about its pursuit of nuclear weapons when it entered into the 2015 agreement.

May also raised the issue of dual British-Iranian nationals being held by Iranian police and called for further progress to be made so they could be released on humanitarian grounds.

Both leaders ‘agreed the importance of continued dialogue’ between the two countries, and looked forward to the meeting of UK, German, French and Iranian foreign ministers in Brussels on Tuesday to discuss the Iran nuclear deal and next steps. 

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