McDonald's chief claims Big Macs are HEALTHIER than High Street sandwiches

CEO Paul Pomroy claimed his burger habit didn't stop him "flying through" his health check and boasted that he's only got a "one per cent chance" of having a heart attack.

The dad of two treats himself to a Big Mac and fries twice a week – gorging on McDonald's bagels and wraps for the rest of his meals.

He told the Evening Standard: "A Big Mac is under 500 calories! I challenge you to find a sandwich in a High Street chain that's less than that.

"Do I have a Big Mac and fries every day? Of course not. I treat myself once or twice a week.

"But I eat a McDonald's twice a day and I’ve just flown through my health check."

A Waitrose Southern Fried Chicken wrap come sin at 533 calories, while a Tesco chicken sandwich clocks in at a whopping 634.

And a Gregs Mexican Chicken Baguette is 518 – a shade above the 508-calorie Big Mac.

But Pomroy's claim doesn't take into account the salt or fat content of sandwiches.

He added: "The chicken breast in our sandwich is the same chicken you'll buy in Waitrose.

"I get very irritated when people wrongly assume there's a bank of microwaves back there.

"We cook proper food. We don't take stuff out of a freezer and zap it.

"We have the shortest supply chain of any retailer."

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