McDonald’s worker restrained by security staff after slapping customer

A McDonald’s employee has been filmed slapping a customer who appeared to flicked her on the forehead after a row over waiting for food.

The video shows a female customer, who has walked behind the counter, getting into an argument with the member of staff.

But as a security man appears to escort the woman back to the public area, she appears to flicks the worker on the forehead.

The worker immediately strikes back, slapping the woman around the head.

In the video, the McDonald’s employee tries to strike the customer further – but security staff restrain the pair both before it escalates.

The incident took place at around 1am on Saturday, April 28, at the McDonalds branch in Butterfly Walk Shopping Centre, Camberwell, London.

The woman who recorded the footage and asked only to be named as Antonia, said that disturbing event ended with the customer being escorted out of the McDonalds store.

Antonia explains: "As I walked in to the McDonalds branch, the girl was already behind the counter.

"From what I could hear, the girl was upset that her and her friends’ order was taking too long so she decided to go behind the counter and get the food herself."

The customer engages in an argument with the McDonald’s employee and takes her receipt from behind the counter.

At this point, security staff attempt to escort the customer out but before they can do, the incident escalates.

The customer flicks the McDonald’s employee on the forehead – apparently because the worker was "rude" to her.

The enraged worker then strikes the customer in front of shocked customers.

After the employee hits her in the video, the security tries to forcibly remove the female customer who starts shouting: "She slapped me. Is she mad!"

As the security tries to restrain and remove the customer, the McDonald’s employee becomes more aggressive and tries to keep fighting the girl.

The two hurl insults at each other with the customer screaming: "You f****** b****. F*** off fam!"

According to eyewitnesses the girls throws cup holders across the store and the McDonald’s worker tries to hit and slap her further.

The employee then manages to grabs the customer by the hair and hits over the head.

The customer was removed from the restaurant and the employee is led away by her colleagues as bewildered hungry patrons look on and gasp.

Antonia says: "After the incident, the worker got taken to the back of the store and the girl was escorted outside by the security guard.

"The girl was there for a further ten minutes insulting the security guard and causing a scene. Eventually her friends walked off and left her then she followed shortly after.

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"I don’t know who the girl in the video is or her friends."

A McDonalds spokeswoman said: “We take matters like this extremely seriously and do not tolerate violence in any form, either from customers or our crew.

"We are investigating this incident as a matter of urgency.”

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