Meghan Markle's dad Thomas 'receives DEATH THREATS from violent criminal who once dated his female friend'

Thomas Markle, 74, has been intimidated by Jose Sandoval, former boyfriend of pal Lori Davis, according the Mail on Sunday.

Sandoval allegedly drove past Thoman yelling: "I’m going to kill you, you fat f****r".

He also reportedly launched a "campaign of terror" against Lori, 38, and her 11-year-old daughter Jocelyn.

They are so close with Thomas that Jocelyn calls him uncle, the paper claims.

Sandoval was jailed last week for 30 months or illegally entering the US in 2000.

A police report shows Lori accused him of slashing Thomas's car tyres at his home in Mexico.

She accuses him of grabbing her neck and twisting it to choke her.

Lori added: "He spat on my face… he goes to my uncle’s house and tells him that he is going to kill him because he is constantly hiding me and threatens and insults him."

Thomas and Lori became firm friends when they met living in the same gated community.

She told the paper: "He’s been a rock for me and my daughter and I’m sorry he’s been dragged into this violent and abusive situation.

She described her ex, Sandoval, as "demented" and accused him of threatening to kill her and her daughter.

Lori claims he doused her in lighter fluid and threatened to set her alight, as well as slashing her clothes.

She added: "Because Tom is my friend he has threatened him too."

The Mail on Sunday claims to have heard voice mails in which Sandoval says: "f*** you and Tom. Tom’s got something coming too. Just you wait and see."

Thomas has given cops a witness statement.

He told the paper: "I’m hoping the spotlight on me might help save an abused woman."

Sandoval denies threatening him, but did admit hitting Lori adding "she deserved it".

Thomas has been estranged from Meghan, 37, since her marriage to Prince Harry, and fears he will never see her again.

He has likened the Royal Family to Scientologists because of their “cult-like” secrecy.



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