Meghan’s hand gesture shows ‘power asymmetry’ in Sussexes’ relationship – expert

Meghan Markle employed a subtle signal that shows a “power asymmetry” in her relationship with Prince Harry, a body language expert has claimed.

Meghan and Harry began dating in 2016 after they were introduced by a mutual friend, and the couple eventually married in a lavish royal ceremony in May 2018.

Body language expert Jesus Enrique Rosas has often scrutinised the Sussexes’ relationship, examining footage and supposedly spotting “controlling” gestures that the Duchess has employed at public engagements.

Now, the body language expert has picked out footage of Meghan and Harry chatting to a woman at the Well Child Awards in 2019, only months before they announced their decision to step back from royal duties.

Observing Meghan’s facial gestures, Jesus suggested that the Duchess was ready to end the conversation.

“So Meghan does that signal that she applies so many times to end conversations that is touching people,” he claimed, speaking on his YouTube channel.

The expert pointed to a scenario when Meghan and Harry had been on the red carpet at a previous event, claiming that it had been replicated at the Well Child Awards.

He explained: "When she wants Harry to stop talking she does that touch, and it’s more like a tap, and she does that on the lady, she taps her arm and then goes to grab her purse.”

Jesus noted that having been with Meghan for a couple of years at this point, Harry was aware of his wife’s subtle signals, and can be seen leaning back in his chair on the video.

“That’s why he immediately breaks that engagement, that conversation dynamic by leaning back," he added.

The body language expert observed how Harry put his hands on the armrests of the chair, implying that he is about to stand up, copying Meghan’s actions.

“So, for a split second, they were in sync, and that’s great. But then it goes out the window,” Jesus continued.

“Because Meghan just stands up and Harry, well it’s obvious that he wanted to keep talking because that’s what his body language was projecting at that moment.

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“Harry picks up the body language signals of Meghan, but Meghan either doesn’t pick up Harry’s signals or she just doesn’t care about them.

“You have just witnessed a great example in which there is a power asymmetry in the couple expressed through body language.”

Daily Star has contacted Meghan and Harry's representatives for comment.

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