Melania to take first plane trip since her kidney operation

A date with the Queen? Melania is set to take her first plane trip since kidney operation and join Trump on his official visit to the UK, where the couple are expected to meet Her Majesty at Windsor Castle

  • Melania Trump is expected to join the President on visit to England next month
  • The couple will meet the Queen in first official UK visit since the Inauguration
  • Melania recently disappeared for 27 days as she battled a kidney condition 
  • She was unable to join Trump for G7 or North Korea summit as she couldn’t fly

Melania will accompany President Donald Trump for his first official trip to England next month, where he will meet the Queen

Melania Trump will join the President when he flies into London, after being mostly absent since her kidney operation last month. 

The working trip, understood to take place on July 13, will be Trump’s first visit to Britain, despite having been in power since late 2016. 

The couple are will likely be staying at the US Ambassador’s residence, Wingfield House, and will meet the Queen during their visit, The Sun reported.

Trump and his wife will be honored by the Coldstream Guards, Britain’s oldest regiment, who have served in nearly every major battle since the Civil War. 

The Coldstream Guards are one of five regiments who make up the Queen’s Guard, infantry and cavalry soldiers best known for standing outside Buckingham Palace and other royal residences.  

Previous visits to England have been cancelled due to fears of mass protests, but this occasion appears to be locked in. 

Melania’s visit to the UK will be her first official trip as First Lady since she disappeared ahead of her kidney operation, with her lengthy absence adding fire to theories she had split with the President. 

Her first public appearance following the surgery was on June 5, at a reception for military families who have lost a relative in action – 27 days after she first disappeared.

She was seen again the next day at a briefing from FEMA on hurricane preparedness.

Melania went unseen for 27 days as she battled a kidney problem she was eventually hospitalized for. She first emerged in early June for a reception for military families, followed by a briefing on hurricane preparedness (pictured)

Melania has not been able to travel, and did not accompany her husband to the G7 in Canada or to his historic summit with North Korean leader Kim Jong Un in Singapore

The President, reading from a note card, introduced ‘our great First Lady’ at the briefing and said: ‘She went through a little rough patch but she’s doing great.’

The room applauded the First Lady at his words.

‘The people love you… thank you, honey,’ he added and reached out to touch her hand.


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The First Lady sat next to the president during the briefing. Reports from inside the room said she looked well and healthy. 

But Melania did not attend the G7 in Canada or the President’s summit in Singapore with North Korean leader Kim Jong Un, claiming she could not fly for a month following her surgery. 

She was checked in to the Walter Reed Medical Center on May 14 and was hospitalized for five days.

Trump and his wife are expected to stay at the US Ambassador’s residence, Wingfield House, during their time in the UK


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