Mexican drug cartel decapitate ‘turncoat’ and leave head with terrifying message

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A decapitated human head has been left in the street as a chilling warning by a drug cartel to other “turncoats”.

The gruesome find was made early yesterday (April 14) in the Tapeixtles region of Mexico, along with a note from the brutal Sinaloa cartel.

The head was discovered near a “neighbourhood garden”, reports Borderland Beat. After cops flooded the area, the scene was secured and handed over to officials from the prosecutor’s office.

The victim’s name was not immediately released but the cartel’s warning claimed that he was a traitor.

The note left next to the head said: “This will be the fate of all the turncoats. Just as well for all of the [rival cartel] Jalisco gunmen.

“We already have everyone located. Everyone will end up like this individual.

“Sincerely, La Barredora of the Cartel de Sinaloa.”

In February, the Sinaloa cartel – which was once headed by Joaquin "El Chapo" Guzman – announced their intention to go to war with the Jalisco Nueva Generation Cartel.

On a banner left in the city of Colima, it also warned the government not to get involved in the battle between the gangs.

"For the government personnel, it's not that I'm trying to help you guys out. We're locals so don't get involved with us. I want it to be made clear that this conflict is motherf***er against motherf***er,” it said.

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And last month, the cartel announced it had joined forces with La Familia Michoacána in a bid to sew up the drugs market in Mexico City.

After three men were arrested on charges including bribery, they each gave statements in which they claimed that a powerful alliance had been formed between the two groups.

They also claimed that marijuana and cocaine arrive in the capital from Michoacán through shipments from the Amazon.

The country has been the scene of widespread warfare between drugs cartels for years, but tensions have risen thanks to the power vacuum created by the imprisonment of El Chapo.

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