Mexican fans show off some extreme headwear at World Cup

Looks like World Cup success has gone to their heads! Mexican fans show off some extreme headwear as they watch their heroes in Russia

  • Mexico were soundly beaten in a 3-0 drubbing at the hands of the Swedish in Yekaterinburg on Wednesday
  • But they managed to progress to the knockout stages of the World Cup after Germany lost to South Korea
  • Supporters donned a variety of colourful headgear including sombreros and Aztec-inspired headdresses 

Mexican fans looked in the mood for a fiesta as their national team made it through to the knockout stage of the World Cup at the expense of Germany. 

Throngs of supporters could be seen wearing an assortment of outrageous headwear as they rocked up to the stadium in Yekaterinburg for their side’s final group game. 

Sadly for the proud fans their side couldn’t deliver the goods as they went down 3-0 in a heavy defeat to eventual group-winners Sweden.

But the bad result didn’t seem to dampen the party atmosphere as Germany’s historic 2-0 defeat at the hands of South Korea meant the Central Americans snatched a dramatic second place in group F. 

Mexican fans could be seen lapping up the occasion in a variety of colourful sombreros, wrestler masks and Aztec-inspired headgear inside the Ekaterinburg Arena on Wednesday afternoon.

Their side will now go on to play one of either Brazil, Switzerland or Serbia in the round of 16 depending on the results of Wednesday’s other matches.

A Mexican fan kisses a model of the World Cup trophy as news trickled through to the fans in Yekaterinburg that Germany had gone behind against South Korea

A supporter wearing a bizarre plumed headdress in Aztec-style poses for the camera in a Usain Bolt-like position on Wednesday

Among the outfits on display were a series of colourful sombreros which were teamed with the flag of the national team in many cases

Mexico lost to Sweden 3-0 in a heavy defeat at the Ekaterinburg Arena on Wednesday, but supporters were jubilant after Germany’s loss sent them through to the knockout stage

Thousands of Mexican fans travelled to Yekaterinburg for Wednesday’s game, despite it being the furthest east of all Russia’s World Cup venues

A Mexican supporter chants for her side as the players fell to their heaviest defeat of the World Cup group stage thus far

Some Mexican fans looked less impressed than others  as their side went three goals behind a less than top-tier Sweden outfit

The lack of footballing prowess on display from the Mexican national side did nothing to dampen the spirits of its supporters

A woman watches on with a sombero reading ‘Viva Mexico!’ meaning ‘Long Live Mexico’ as supporters either side of her cheer on their side

One fan brandishes a rubber chicken wearing a sombrero as he celebrates next to other Mexican fans in the stands of the stadium

Hot weather in Yekaterinburg allowed some supporters to be more liberal with their choice of outfits. Two supporters turned up wearing authentic Aztec trimmings

A Sweden fan celebrates in the stands as his side netted a third during the match while a Mexican supporter wearing a wrestler’s mask holds his country’s scarf aloft

One innovative fan decided to team a Russian fur cap with a soviet insignia with a tradional Mexican wrestler’s mask for the game

A row of sombrero-wearing Mexicans watch their national team go down 3-0 to the Swedes as they scraped through the group stage on Wednesday

A Mexican supporter checks his phone through the eyeholes of a bright blue wrestler’s mask on Wednesday afternoon in the stadium

Two sombrero-wearing Mexican fans embrace while kissing a replica of the tournament trophy at the key match for their side

Two Swedes wearing Viking horns and a Mexican fan wearing a sombrero embrace as the match went into its second half

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