Michael Jackson documentary leaves Sundance audiences traumatised after revealing harrowing new details of pop star's 'child abuse'

The four-hour documentary unveils gruesome accounts from two of Jackson's alleged victims who are now in their 30s.

In the film, accusers Wade Robson and James Safechuck say they suffered abuse in Jacko's enormous California mansion he called Neverland.

The footage sent shock waves through the audience at the screening in LA, predominantly made up of journalists and industry insiders.

Jeff Wells, from Hollywood Elsewhere, said: "Leaving Neverland" is a horror film — an intimate, obviously believable, sometimes sexually explicit story of two boys who became Michael Jackson’s special “friends” — i.e., lovers — while their oblivious parents went along. Jackson was a fiend — a smooth predator, a monster.


He went on to say: "You should have seen the faces of the audience members during the ten-minute intermission of “Leaving Neverland.” at the Egyptian.

"They had that look of hollowed-out nausea, submerged disgust…trying to hide their revulsion.

"The Jackson guilt denialists are finished.

"Jig’s up.

I suggest you do your homework on Wade Robson and James Safechuck

Wade and James both received a standing ovation from the moved audience before they answered questions about the documentary – going into graphic detail of the alleged attacks.

Aged just seven and 14 at the time, the men openly talked about what happened within the wall's of Jackson's bedroom.

Cops were concerned over violence between child abuse protestors and Michael Jackson superfans as they departed from the festival.

Sergeant Brandon Shearer, of Salt Lake City, added: "We are aware of the possibility of protests and our job is to monitor any protests that may occur and give people the ability to let their voices be heard safely."

Law enforcement in the city have prepared a "full force turnout" with a bomb squad on the scene, Deadline reports.

Jeff said: "Leaving Neverland” is also, of course, a very sad story. Damage & dysfunction is passed on.


"You’re only as healthy or sick as the amount of ugly secrets you’re carrying around.

"Oh, and the two complicit mothers of the victims are dealt tough cards by their trying-to-heal sons."

Amy Kaufman, LA Times Hollywood writer, said: "Incredibly emotional reaction from the audience after #LeavingNeverland.

"One audience member says he was molested as a child and that Robson and Safechuck "are going to do a lot more f–king good in the world than Michael f–king Jackson."

However, some were outraged over the film for different reasons.

A fan Twitter account for the Thriller singer wrote: "In 1992, Michael gave HBO their highest rated special ever.

"Now, to repay him they give a voice to admitted liars. #StopLeavingNeverlandNOW"

Michael Jackson's nephew, Taj Jackson, stepped up to defend his uncle: "To all the supporters of @sundancefest. I suggest you do your homework on Wade Robson and James Safechuck.

"By supporting their lies you are now a part of this and we will remember that when everything implodes.

"You can't plead ignorance anymore."

He also wrote: "I’m sure there are some incredible films that will be premiering and shown at the festival. Films that people put their hard earned money and life into. But @Sundance is jeopardizing these films to accommodate, promote, and showcase a film that stars two proven scam artists."

In 1992, Michael gave HBO their highest rated special ever. Now, to repay him they give a voice to admitted liars

Robson is known for being the man who caused Britney Spears and Justin Timberlake to break up.

He also filed a lawsuit against Jackson's estate in 2016 asking for $1.62 billion in damages.

Robson said in his court filing that the alleged abuse he suffered at the hands of Jackson included: "kissing and french kissing; Michael Jackson rubbing [Robson's] penis and having [Robson] rub his; Michael Jackson masturbating while watching [Robson] from behind on all fours, naked, with his knees and palms extended like a dog on all fours; Michael Jackson spreading [Robon's] buttocks and sticking his tongue into and licking [Robson’s] anus while he masturbated using lotion; the mutual fondling of genitals with their hands and mouth; mutual fellatio' and more."

Jackson allegedly lost interest in Robson when he turned 14, but he had supposedly told him: "We can never tell anyone what we are doing. People are ignorant and would never understand that we love each other and this is how we show it.  If anyone were to ever find out our lives and career would be over."

While the pop star's estate have slammed the film calling it 'pathetic', LaToya Jackson – Michael's mum – called her son  a “damn f****t” when she found cheques written to the parents of “little boys”, his sister claims in rare footage.


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