Military vet upset he didn't get stimulus check 'threw SMOKE BOMB' outside Mar-a-Lago sparking Secret Service response

A MILITARY veteran "threw a smoke bomb outside Donald Trump's Mar-a-Lago resort" and triggered a Secret Service response, cops say.

Paul Brantly Rawls, 38, is now facing charges for the incident on Sunday afternoon, which saw the feds, Palm Beach Police, and bomb squad flock to the scene, where a device lay smoldering in the middle of the street.

Cops reported confirmed that two cars crashed while trying to avoid to avoid what appeared to be a bomb but no one was hurt – an incident which happened while Trump was at his Florida resort.

After tracking down Rawls using surveillance footage which led to his license plate, he told detectives: "I know why I'm here, it's because I threw a smoke bomb, it's all on video."

Rawls then told them he was a combat veteran and Airborne Ranger who has struggled since being discharged from the Army.

He made his frustration with the former administration clear and complained that he had not received his stimulus check yet, which prompted him to allegedly plant the bomb on March 14.

The relief payments are set to be rolled out tomorrow, although some Americans received their direct deposit early on March 12 – a day after Joe Biden signed the landmark $1.9trillion bill into law.

After searching the frustrated vet's car, police found nine smoke bombs, four flares, four five-minute white smoke devices, a 12-foot hook, nylon rope, and a single black glove.

Disgruntled West Palm Beach resident Rawls had driven back and forth from Palm Beach on eight occasions since March 1, according to reports.

Trump was oblivious to the commotion, according to WPEC, who reported that the smoke bomb could not be seen or heard inside the club.

The Palm Beach County Sheriff's Office were reportedly forced to dispatch the bomb squad to check the surrounding area for more devices last Sunday.

They found 7.5 inch fused incendiary device in the middle of South Ocean Boulevard named "5 Minute White Smoke" which investigators said was made by Pyro U.

The license plate on it led them to Rawls, who said: "I know the real reason you want to talk to me," when they called him

Surveillance footage showed a person driving a gray Volkswagen throw the bomb out of the vehicle, according to arrest document cited by the outlet.

Rawls is being held at the Palm Beach County Jail on a $21,000 bond.

He's facing count of making, possessing throwing or discharging any destructive device, one count of criminal mischief, and one count of disorderly conduct.

But that's not the only alleged crime triggered by stimulus payment arguments.

In Indianapolis, ex-con Malik Halfacre, 25, supposedly took off with a six-month-old baby after allegedly killing a mom, her seven-year-old daughter and three family members because she wouldn't split the check with him.

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