MMA fighter punches ‘pervert’ after he ‘masturbated during her swimwear photoshoot’

The startling incident occurred as martial art pro Joyce Vieira, 27, and a friend were taking photos on the Praia do Braga beach in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

Vieira says the bloke began masturbating in front of her and her unnamed pal so she decided to take action.

In the images, while pictured dressed in a black swimsuit, the woman can be seen punching the topless man.

Another image shows the woman throwing a right kick at him in what appears to be a savage Muay Thai move.

Vieira registered the case with police and the man was later arrested for committing an “obscene act”.

He is said to have since been released after giving a statement and denying the crime.

After his release, Vieira told local media: “We feel powerless. It’s very strange because he’s going to be in the same city as me, and who knows he might be in the same places.

“That’s why I have received an innumerable number of messages from women saying that (in similar situations) they didn’t file a report, because they know the suspects would end up being released. I think the punishment for these cases should be more severe.”

Vieira says she had tried to speak to the man but he refused to speak to her so she reacted.

The Inspector Specialised in Attending to Women in Cabo Frio, Juliana Rattes, said the case will be taken to the Public Ministry “who will act together with Special Criminal Court”.

The MMA fighter, who is a specialist in Muay Thai and Jiu-Jitsu, often posts videos of her intense training sessions online showing her strength.

The case is ongoing.

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