Model shares bump at five months pregnant – and loses thousands of followers

A model shocked fans by sharing pregnancy photos on Instagram – despite barely having a bump.

Hannah Polites, 27, posed for snaps wearing a blue and pink bikini.

The former midwife, from Gold Coast, Australia, wrote online: "Evaliah [Hannah’s daughter] is totally coming around to sharing us with a sibling, she’s actually really excited now and introduces herself to baby everyday.

"Sometimes she thinks the baby is growing in my boobs and who can blame her when they’re massive af and growing at the same rate… Send help."

But other parents were stunned at the size of her baby bump.

"She’s 5 months pregnant. My belly is much bigger," a fan said.

"I feel jipped my boobs breastfeeding are the same size they were pregnant and before baby," another added.

But Hannah, who is dating long-term boyfriend Garth Small, also revealed she lost "thousands" of male followers after announcing her first pregnancy on Instagram .

Speaking previously, the model said: "I definitely have lost a lot of male followers and people that maybe aren’t interested in babies.

"But I’ve gained a lot of mummy followers since my page has changed a lot.

"I also get a lot of comments about breast feeding in public, but it’s a normal part of life."

It comes after a mum of triplets, who lives in Denmark, went viral with her huge baby bump .

Maria Nordø Jørstad recorded her amazing pregnancy journey online and became a web sensation.

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