Moment armed Taliban militants charge at CNN reporter in middle of live TV report – VIDEO

Kabul: CNN's Clarissa Ward 'charged' at by Taliban fighter

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CNN has released footage of a tense moment when a Taliban militant fighter confronted its chief international correspondent during a broadcast. Armed fighters charged at CNN’s Clarissa Ward while she was reporting live from the streets of Kabul, now completely controlled by the Taliban. Ms Ward reported that the Taliban militants were prepared to “pistol whip” a field producer before a fellow fighter intervened.

Ms Ward, clad in a traditional headdress and robe, and her crew were accosted by Taliban fighters in Afghanistan. 

The journalist was trying to cover the chaotic scene outside the airport in Kabul on Wednesday when the incident took place.

At the start of the report, Ms Ward tried to speak to an agitated Taliban member.

He refused to speak to her and demanded she covers her face with the hijab she was wearing.

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When she covered her face, Ms Ward gestured to the truncheon the fighter had in his hand and asked him: “What is that?”

When the fighter continued to ignore the reporter, Ms Ward turned to the camera and said: “He wants me to cover my face, but he doesn’t want to comment on that truncheon he’s carrying.

“You can hear gunshots every couple of minutes.”

Ms Ward is later surrounded by Afghan civilians pleading with her to help them escape Kabul.

Kabul: CNN's Clarissa Ward details Taliban confrontation

At this point, tensions rise as Ms Ward reports: “These Taliban fighters are a little upset with us.

“We decide to leave and head for our car.

“The fighter nearby then takes the safety off his AK47 and pushes through the crowd. ” 


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She continues: “These Taliban fighters are hopped up on adrenalin. It is a very dicey situation.

“Suddenly two other Taliban charge towards us. You can see their rifle butt raised to strike.

“When the fighters are told we have permission to record they lower their weapons and let us pass.” 

Last night, Ms Ward managed to secure an evacuation plane out of Kabul, tweeting: “Just landed in Doha with the team and nearly 300 Afghan evacuees.

“Huge thanks to all of you for your support and concern, to the US Air Force for flying us out and to Qatar for welcoming us. We are the lucky ones.” 

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