Moment Co-op worker shoves 'annoying' boy who was 'hitting him' sending youngster flying onto shelves in store

CCTV caught the man pushing the boy hard in the chest with his hand, sending him flying across the aisle at the store in Derbyshire.

In the footage, which came to light after it was shared online recently, a man can be heard saying "Little b******" to the child who was wearing a "Boss" t-shirt at the time.

The incident happened during last year's sizzling temperatures of 27C on August 7 in the Ilkeston store.

Sam Smith posted the video on Twitter with the caption:  “Think this might be why M**** got sacked.”

A boy can be seen walking up to the Co-op worker whilst at the bread aisle in the shop.

"LITTLE B******"

He appears to punch the co-op employee in the stomach who is clearly annoyed by this act.

Suddenly the shelf stacker then decides to reach out to the boy and push him on the chest.

Consequently, the boy then falls back onto the bread shelves and crashes to the ground.

The boy then gets up and appears to say something back at the employee before the clip ends.

The kid was fine and deserved it.

Today a Co-op insider, who asked not to be named, said: “The child had been annoying him for some time.”

Henry Long responded online: “Ahahahaha little b******.

Another Twitter user commented: “Well deserved.”

@jamesniozonsteel said: “The kid was fine and deserved it.”

@Fliss_Kate said: “If I’m ever sacked this is gonna be why.”

Elliot Blake said: “This is the best video ever.”

Co-op have confirmed the video recorded showed a “former colleague” who no longer works there.

A spokesman said: "Co-op does not condone this behaviour, and immediately looked into the matter.

"The colleague left of his own accord."

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