Moment female student batters classmate over head with PLANK OF WOOD as girls wrestle and pull each other's hair in shocking playground brawl

Footage shows a huge group of teens scrapping outside Sandwell College in West Bromwich, West Mids — scene of another massive student scrap earlier this year.

In the disturbing clip – believed to have been filmed yesterday – terrified students can be heard screaming as the riot breaks out.

One young woman picks up the large piece of wood and smashes a girl across the head with it.

It begins by showing two girls wrestling each other as friends desperately try to separate them.

A baying crowd gathered to watch the fight can be heard screaming as the woman wearing a black jacket picks up the blank and bashes her rival.

Witnesses can be seen fleeing out of the way as the students then start hitting and grabbing each other again.

Friends soon manage to separate the female brawlers.

As the women walk away from each other college security guards can finally be seen intervening to bring an end the chaos.

Police also be seen arriving at the scene as the footage cuts to an end.

In February, Sandwell College hit headlines when around ten male students were filmed taking part in a massive fight in a study room.

Members of staff tried to break up the riot — which involved one pupil stamping on another.

Sandwell College have been reached for comment.

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