Moment little girl runs into a glass door and it shatters into shards

Moment little girl runs into a glass door and it shatters into sharp shards as she plays chase with her friend

  • The accident was captured on CCTV in Hat Yai, southern Thailand
  • The little girl called Chura is playing and forgets that the glass door is shut 
  • Four-year-old spent the night in hospital with cuts to her legs, hands and head

A four-year-old girl ended up in hospital after she ran through a sliding glass door she forgot was there, while playing with a friend.

The shocking moment, which saw the youngster covered in dangerously sharp shards, was captured on camera in Hat Yai, southern Thailand on the morning of June 22.

A neighbour was babysitting the little girl, called Chura, when the accident happened.

The shocking moment was captured on camera in Hat Yai, southern Thailand, on the morning of June 22 and involved a four-year-old girl called Chura who forgot she had pulled the sliding glass door shut

She’s seen on CCTV peering through the door as a little boy on the other side teasingly pulls a face.

Chura enters the house and closes the glass door behind her, the friends start chasing each other out of sight of the camera.

Suddenly she turns back round and dashes towards the door, forgetting all about shutting it.

A loud smash is heard and the glass door splinters as Chura falls forward onto the dangerous shards.

There is a scream from within the house as Chura picks herself up and touches her leg before a man, woman and the little boy come over to check on her.   

Brave Chura suffered several cuts on her legs, hands and head and was kept in overnight at the local hospital.

Chura was playing with a friend when the accident happened

The family friend called Thida, whose home she was staying in, said the mother understood that the injuries were an accident.

Thida said: ‘I’m so relieved that Chura was not seriously hurt as the glass is very sharp and it could have been worse.

‘I hope that every parent who sees the security camera video will think about how to prevent this kind of accident.’   

Chura was being baby-sitted by a neighbour (the aftermath of the smash pictured)

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