Moment racist pensioner is beaten up on London bus after branding passengers 'monkeys'

THIS is the moment a racist pensioner is beaten up a London bus after branding passengers "monkeys".

Shocking footage shows the OAP being struck after appearing to call a racially abuse a group of black males in Edgware, North West London.

The argument ends with two young males viciously punching the old man on a 251 bus, leaving him with a black eye and a huge bump on his head.

The bust-up took place near Enfield, North London around 6pm yesterday.

Footage shows a black male who confronts the old man shouting: “We’re all monkeys, yeah? We’re all monkeys?”

The elderly man jabs a finger at him and yells: “You’re a monkey”.

The black man gets angrier after the racist slur as a girl films the furious exchange.


A woman in a mask is seen holding him back and saying “don’t touch him” as another woman races down the bus and tries to calm the flare-up.

One black male is heard challenging the elderly man to “come off the bus now” as the OAP gets to his feet to continue the row.

The young male shouts “I’M GOING TO END THIS N****R BRO!”.

But his friends attempt to restrain him and beg him not to fight the old man saying “Don’t end him. Don’t end him. Don’t end him”.

I’m going to f**k you up! Get off the bus

The young male continues raging at the pensioner and challenging him to afight on the street.

He screams: “I’m going to f**k you up! Get off the bus!”

The furious pensioner gets up from his seat and starts to approach the young male, shouting "Come on and come back I got ya!”

Several passengers try to restrain the pair. But the young man orders the pensioner to get off the bus and orders him “Come off the bus now!

As the argument gets increasingly heated another young male starts pushing his way back on the bus.

He comes towards the pensioner who tries to swing a punch at the young man and fails.

The young male then repeatedly punches the pensioner in the head, as a second young male starts savagely beating him, too.

A video of the flare-up was posted by Instagram by a user who claimed the man racially abused the passengers prior to the fight.

@jayjaydax posted: "My cousin was leaning on the hand bars and the man randomly pushed his elbow off.

"So he did the normal thing and turned around confused and asked, why did you push my arm off?

“The man then replied by shouting, "Don’t talk to me, you monkey," which is when my friend turned around and said,"What did you say?".

“We were all so shocked and then the man proceeded by shouting ‘STOP TALKING TO ME YOU MONKEYS F**K OFF’ repeatedly."

She claimed it was "self defence" and said other bus passengers told the group to leave before the police arrive.

Sun Online contacted TFL and the Met for comment.

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