Moment thug kidnapped girlfriend, 19, by bundling her into a van

The moment a thug kidnapped his girlfriend, 19, by bundling her into a van before she fell out into a dual carriageway at 60mph and suffered catastrophic brain injuries that left her unable to walk, talk or feed herself

  • Angel Lynn, 19, suffered life-changing injuries after falling from a van at 60mph
  • She had been forced into the van by her boyfriend at the time Chay Bowskill, 20
  • Angel was found injured on the A6 near Loughborough on September 19, 2020
  • Harrowing CCTV showed Bowskill grabbing Angel and bundling her into a van 
  • Rocco Sansome drove the van and he and Bowskill were found guilty of kidnap

This is the harrowing moment that a thug kidnapped his girlfriend by bundling her into a van before she fell from the vehicle and suffered catastrophic brain injuries. 

Angel Lynn, 19, was left with life-changing injuries after she was forced into a van by Chay Bowskill, her boyfriend at the time, before falling from the vehicle as it travelled along a dual carriageway at 60mph. 

Angel, who is unlikely to ever make a full recovery, was found lying seriously injured in the carriageway of the A6 near Loughborough, Leicestershire, on September 17, 2020.

Angel suffered a fractured skull and catastrophic brain injuries after falling from the van and is still unable to communicate, Leicester Crown Court heard.

Bowskill, 20, and his friend Rocco Sansome, who was driving the van, both denied kidnap but were found guilty following a trial on Tuesday and handed jail sentences.

Jurors were shown shocking CCTV footage of Bowskill chasing Angel across a road after she walked off during an argument.

Shocking CCTV footage (left and right) shows Angel Lynn, 19, being forced into a van by 20-year-old Chay Bowskill, her boyfriend at the time

The harrowing video, taken in Mountsorrel, shows Bowskill grabbing Angel from behind and carrying her back across the road before bundling her into a van.

Angel then fell out of the vehicle, which was driven by Sansome, at around 10.45am as it travelled at 60mph, before she was found by horrified members of the public.

Paramedics attended the scene and Angel was taken to hospital but despite intensive medical intervention, she remains in hospital with life-changing injuries.

The kidnap happened after Angel, who was originally lawfully driving the van, picked up Bowskill and Sansome, before getting into an argument with Bowskill and walking off.

The court heard that moments before she walked off, Bowskill admitted telling Angel he ‘hated’ her and never wanted to see her again, Leicestershire Live reported.

Detectives uncovered the footage of Angel being forced into the van, before it was driven away at speed by 20-year-old Sansome. Both men were later arrested.

Angel Lynn (pictured), 19, suffered life-changing injuries after she fell from a van. She was found injured in the carriageway of the A6 near Loughborough on September 17, 2020

Bowskill, of Syston, Leicestershire, was also convicted of coercive and controlling behaviour and perverting the course of justice.

He was cleared of causing grievous bodily harm after it became unclear how Angel had left the van.

The defence claimed that Angel jumped or accidentally fell on to the road, while the prosecution failed to prove that she was pushed or thrown. 

Sansome, of Birstall, Leicestershire, admitted possession of cannabis and driving the van while unfit through cannabis use, according to Leicestershire Live. 

On Wednesday, Bowskill was jailed for seven-and-a-half years while Sansome was sentenced to 21 months in prison.

Sentencing, Judge Timothy Spencer QC told Bowskill: ‘She [Angel] was a beautiful young woman who should have been enjoying the carefree years of her late-teens into early adulthood.

‘You treated her in a vile way. She was belittled by you to a point where she must have felt worthless on a regular basis.

‘You bombarded her with repulsive and degrading messages. You controlled her freedom of movement by a variety of means.

‘She wasn’t allowed any sort of life apart from you. I’m satisfied you meted out violence to her, causing bruising, on at least two occasions.’ 

Regarding perverting the court of justice, the judge told Bowskill that he was ‘selfishly obsessed with your own predicament’ and ‘made desperate efforts’ to get his mother to retract her police statement.

CCTV footage shows Bowskill grabbing Angel (both left) from behind and carrying her across the road before bundling her into a van, which was driven his friend Rocco Sansome (right)

He told Bowskill: ‘Your mother comes out of this with no credit – it was disgraceful conduct with her giving lying evidence in court about Angel and the police. 

‘You should be ashamed of your vile and demeaning conduct towards your mother, seeking to get her to perjure herself – because it was you who brought her to this very low ebb.’ 

Detective Chief Inspector Tony Yarwood, from the East Midlands Special Operations Unit Major Crime team, said: ‘Angel is a young woman who had plans and aspirations in place and the rest of her life to look forward to.

‘Because of the extent of her injuries she now faces constant medical treatment and round the clock care.

‘Her family remain devastated by what has happened and I praise the strength and bravery they have shown and continue to demonstrate to this day.

‘No verdict or subsequent sentence can make up for the quality of life this young woman has lost.

‘I can only hope that in time her family can find some comfort knowing justice has been done.’

In a heartbreaking statement issued after the case, Angel’s father Paddy said he will never be able to ‘walk my daughter down the aisle’ as Angel’s life has been ‘changed forever’ due to her injuries.

He said: ‘Our lives have been changed beyond recognition forever.

Bowskill (pictured) and Sansome both denied kidnap but were found guilty after trial. Bowskill was jailed for seven-and-a-half years while Sansome was sentenced to 21 months in prison

‘Angel was so full of life and had such a great future ahead of her. That future has sadly been taken away from her.

‘The catastrophic injuries Angel suffered will mean life will never be the same for her or our family.

‘Every day is not only a huge struggle for Angel but also a huge struggle for our family and friends.

‘We are lucky in some ways as we are a close family, we have lots of lovely friends who help us and people that care in other ways.

‘We try to remain strong but we know that every day will be difficult and a struggle for us all especially for Angel.

‘I know that Angel will never get married now and I will never get to walk my daughter down the aisle.

‘Nikki and I will never be grandparents to Angel’s children. We don’t know what the future holds for our daughter but we try to put smiles on our faces each day but inside our hearts are bleeding out.

‘We’d like to thank all the officers involved in the investigation, our family liaison officers and our barrister, Mr Janes for their support throughout the last 16 months.

‘They have all worked so hard and their dedication to Angel’s case has been remarkable.’

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