‘Most prolific Brit dad’ with over 160 kids only saw one child on Fathers Day

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An avid sperm donor who has fathered more than 160 kids says that he will only see one of his offspring on Father's day.

The man, who goes by the pseudonym Joe, told that he will only see one child today as he has too many children to stay in touch with’.

The 51-year-old claims he has had more than 200 sexual partners, many of which were women struggling to fall pregnant.

However, his 160 descendants were all conceived through "partial intercourse" – sex without kissing – natural intercourse, or artificial intercourse.

Speaking to The Sun, he said: “I'm going to be seeing one of my children on Father's Day.

“Father's Day is so different from Mother's Day, because Mother's Day is all about getting flowers and all these things but Father's Day if you're lucky you might get some socks.

"Fingers crossed – I could do with some new pairs. It's more about trying to spend a little time with your children.

"This Father's Day I'll probably talk to about a dozen of my children. I wouldn't have time to talk to 160 children anyway so it works out."

The dad has travelled around the world donating sperm, including in the US, Argentina, Italy, Singapore, the Phillippines, and the UK

Of the 160 children he is said to have fathered, the donor said he had met more than 60, as reported by The Mirror.

Joe, who is originally from Vermont in the US and lives in the UK, refers to himself as the "angel of the north" for helping women to fulfil their dreams of motherhood

Sperm donation in exchange for payment is prohibited by law in the UK. Donors who go through a fertility clinics or sperm banks do not have any rights or responsibilities towards children conceived using their sperm.

Joe added: "People contact me on Facebook or Instagram or email me and ask me for help and I usually will ask them about their period.

"I use the start date for all my calculations and I put that in my calculator and then we work out a date to meet and we discuss exactly how they want to go about doing it.

"For some people, the natural insemination is the most effective but some people are in a relationship where they feel that might cause trouble, so they prefer to do an artificial insemination.

"Right now I have a couple of women who are pregnant because I sent my sperm by overnight courier."

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