Mother of two shot in front of family at drive-up ATM

A pleasant night out with for a Kentucky mother of two spiraled into a nightmare after being shot at an ATM-drive up in front of her family, according to WAPT ABC 16.

Chelsea Miller was withdrawing money from inside her car to buy ice cream for her children at the time of the shooting.

“We noticed a guy walking and I actually said to my husband, he looks sketchy,” Miller told ABC 16.

The man approached Miller’s car armed with a blue gun, Shively police said. He fired two shots, hitting Miller in the chest and striking her 3-year-old daughter’s car seat, narrowly missing her.

Her 7-year-old son was also in the back seat.

Miller quickly swapped seats with her husband and had him drive to the emergency room — aware of her gunshot wound.

The family of four revved away from the scene.

“I looked down and my chest was pouring out blood,” Miller said. “I work at University of Louisville Trauma Center so when I see people get shot in the chest it’s usually more bad then good.”

Thankfully, the bullet missed her vital organs, and she was dispatched from the hospital the next day.

“[I was] so scared, but also so blessed,” she said. “It could have been that close to taking away something that would have killed me more than killing me.”

Police are still looking for the suspect, described as wearing black, plastic rimmed glasses and a hooded sweatshirt.

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