Mother slams 'jealous' thugs who battered her daughter

Mother slams ‘jealous’ thugs who battered her daughter, 16, ‘for being pretty’ leaving her needing hospital scans after midnight brawl erupted at nightclub bar

  • Aspiring singer and model Jacee Pink was partying with friends in Sunderland 
  • She was dragged around and kicked in the attack near Passion nightclub
  • Her mother Amy Pink said it was ‘completely unprovoked’ and down to jealousy  

Jacee Pink (pictured above) was out with friends when she was attacked at a nightclub in Sunderland

A mother has slammed ‘jealous’ thugs who battered her 16-year-old daughter for ‘being pretty’.

Aspiring singer and model Jacee Pink was partying with friends in Sunderland early on Sunday when violence is said to have erupted.

The teenager, who told her mother she was going out for dinner with friends, but instead went to a nightclub, was allegedly dragged around and kicked in an attack so frenzied her fingernails came out.

Battered, bloodied and bruised, she was admitted to hospital where she underwent scans following a concussion as a result of the attack.

She reported to attack in Sunday morning and Northumbria Police is now investigating the incident which her mother Amy Pink said has also provoked abuse on social media.

Amy said Jacee had been at the bar when a woman had come up to her, ‘pushing, grabbing and then kicking her while she was on the floor’.

‘She’s been kicked in the head a few times and has been very dizzy. She’s frightened and she is only still a child.

‘She was crying afterwards and asked ‘why have I been targeted?’. She is a pretty girl and feels targeted because of that.

‘Nobody knows what has happened but I think it is has been instigated through jealousy, it is completely unprovoked and it has to all be down to jealousy.’

Amy believes the jealousy may have been down to her daughter’s talent. Jacee can model and sing and one of her videos, for Breast Cancer UK, has had almost 20,000 YouTube views.

Jacee (above) had told her mother she was meeting friends for dinner but instead went out to a club 

Police were brought in on Sunday in the aftermath of the incident, near Passion Nightclub, in Holmeside.

The venue said it is carrying out its own investigation but was unable to comment further.

Jacee’s nails fell off in the attack (above) and since then the family has received abuse on social media 

However, the Sunderland family have shared pictures of the injuries suffered in what Amy claims was a ‘horrible, nasty attack’ on her daughter.

Amy also said the family have now received abuse on social media.

‘There’s been horrible Facebook messages sent to us and I’ve had men calling up threatening us,’ said businesswoman Amy.

‘They were asking ‘where do you f****** live’ – but I just thought these people must be idiots.’

She claims Jacee had told her she was going out for a meal with friends on Saturday night.

But, the teenager had secretly been planning a night.

‘I’d done it myself when I was her age, I’d tell my dad I was going to Pizza Hut then I’d be in the pubs and clubs,’ she added.

‘But normally she is good and responsible and I had no issue with what she’s done, just what happened to her.

‘She doesn’t deserve this and I hope the police charge someone for what has happened.’

A spokesperson for Northumbria Police said: ‘Shortly after 4pm Sunday, police received a report of an assault near Passion nightclub in Sunderland.

‘The assault is believed to have happened around midnight on Saturday and reported to police the following day.

‘It was reported that a woman assaulted a 16-year-old teenager who was then taken to hospital with a suspected concussion.

‘Anyone with any information is asked to contact police via 101 and quote reference number 663 20/10/19.’

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