Movember is one of the most important fad months amid male suicide crisis

It’s that time of year again. Sitting on the train, looking at trendy guys with varying ­amounts of hair on their top lips.

You could be mistaken for thinking that the bearded look was no longer on trend and was being replaced by a dodgy ­moustache – but no.

As the days pass the tashes get more ridiculous, you realise – it’s Movember.

With the rise of fad months, you may believe your pennies are wasted on your work ­colleagues’ latest endeavours.

However, Movember, especially this year, is ­arguably one of the most important ever. Men of Britain will be ensuring their razors are kept firmly in their bathroom drawer in the name of raising awareness and money for mental health.

Each day across the world one man takes his own life. And with 75 per cent of all suicides being men, never has there been a more vital time to take action.

As an A&E doctor for more than 10 years, I’ve heard it all. Men in their teens through to their 60s telling me how they feel depressed or anxious and unable to communicate with their friends, loved ones and work colleagues.

In a results driven society, with a rise in social media pressure and no end in sight for this Government’s ­austerity driven agenda, many men feel the stigma of admitting they may be struggling.

Not only that, for those that do make that appointment and admit the hard truth of how they feel, they are shocked that they have to wait months for an ­appointment to see a specialist.

Friends of mine that have ­struggled have said that it seems as though women can more openly admit to feeling blue.

They feel women are met with an ­understanding look and someone will put the kettle on. But, for many men, the fear of telling someone is so crippling that it becomes impossible to do.

Each preventable death is nothing short of a tragedy. We need to see a shift in society to create a safe space for everyone to come forward if they need help.

If upper lip hair can assist this aim, I say: “Keep ’em growing, lads”.

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