MTA paying ‘allowance’ to workers who get vaccinated for COVID-19

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The COVID-19 vaccine comes with an extra reward for transit workers — four hours in bonus wages.

Unionized MTA employees who get vaccinated will receive two hours of pay for each of the vaccine’s two doses, an MTA source told The Post.

The additional compensation is available regardless of whether the injection occurred during work hours, the source said.

MTA Chief Safety Officer Pat Warren announced the “special pay allowance” in a memo to agency staff on Monday — the day transit workers began receiving inoculations along with other frontline public sector workers.

The extra pay is meant to ensure workers get inoculated with minimal impact on riders, Warren wrote in the memo.

“In order to facilitate receiving the vaccination and to minimize any service disruptions, MTA Chairman and CEO Pat Foye has authorized a special allowance for hourly operating employees for each instance that you receive a dose of the vaccine,” he said.

“All eligible hourly operating employees who get the vaccine will receive this special pay allowance.”

Union leaders pushed state officials to prioritize shots for MTA employees, who were badly hit by the pandemic. During the height of New York City’s first wave in March and April, thousands of agency workers called in sick, forcing massive service disruptions.

More than 130 MTA employees have died from the virus.

“It’s important that MTA employees, especially our heroic front-line workers, get vaccinated,” agency rep Ken Lovett said in a statement.

“In order to facilitate that and minimize any service disruptions for our customers, we have authorized a special pay allowance to incentivize workers to get vaccinated on their own time.”

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