Multi-millionaire, 54, lets his CHILDREN choose him a ‘hot’ new bride

Pick my wife: Multi-millionaire, 54, lets his CHILDREN choose him a ‘hot’ new bride from 2,000 hopefuls in Russian reality show

  •  54-year-old Konstantin Scherbinin appeared on show Millionaire for Marriage
  •  The tycoon’s daughters Alexandra, Tatiana and Sofia got to choose the match
  •  Scherbinin started the search after he has already had five failed marriages

A TV game show is letting a multi-millionaire’s children choose a ‘hot’ new bride for him from 2,000 hopefuls.

Russian tycoon Konstantin Scherbinin, 54, will follow the on screen decision of his three daughters and one of his sons after they select the new woman in his life.

Called Millionaire for Marriage, the oil mogul has designated his eldest son to run his business while his other four offspring, aged between 16 and 35, help him in his quest to find his new partner after five failed marriages.

The show has led to some excruciating moments as would-be brides – all younger than him – vie to live with him in his luxury mansion near Moscow.

They are given a few seconds to standing in front of the tycoon’s offspring who look them up and down before mostly being summarily rejected.

The multi-millionaire’s daughters Sofia (left) and Alexandra Sherbinin (right) were responsible for the tricky choice

The hopeful contestants were forced to stand in front of the daughters for a grilling before they were given a verdict

Millionaire Konstantin Sherbinin has gone through five failed marriages – but is looking for another partner

One hopeful called Olga Zykova, aged over 40, was given short shrift by the moneyman’s precocious 16 year old daughter Alexandra.

‘What is she doing on this show?’ asked the teenager.

‘Dad loves young and hot ones.

‘I think he’ll get bored with her…’

Daughter Tatiana, 35, who is older than most of the would-be brides, vetoed another woman for her father – a glamorous police detective called Anastasia Gavrilenko.

‘We don’t need any detectives in our family,’ she said.

‘You are not suitable for us.’

Daughter Sofia, 20, balked at 6ft 2 inch volleyball player Ekaterina Loshkareva.

‘Dad loved tall girls, but not that tall,’ she told the gameshow’s audience.

Tatiana told the rejected Loshkareva, aged 23: ‘You’re a good match for Konstantin (the groom’s 26 year old son and namesake, also tall).

‘But sadly we’re looking for a bride for his father. You are not suitable for us, good-bye.’

She made clear: ‘The casting is very important to me.

‘I was very strict. We do not need freaks in our house.’

The millionaire businessman pictured with his three daughters (from left to right) Sofia, Alexandra and Tatiana

Contestants were screened from thousands of hopeful applicants and whittled down to a select few

The daughters were taking no prisoners with their critiques of the contestants, telling Olga Zykova (pictured) she was ‘too old’

A TV producer was given short shrift after she revealed that her ex-husband had walked out on her for another woman.

And 27 year old comedian and events planner Daria Maltseva was rejected by Tatiana.

‘You are not suitable for us,’ she was told.

In its advance publicity, the show on U Channel promised: ‘Beautiful and very charming girls fight for the heart of a wealthy groom who already has adult children.

‘During several episodes of the project, the participants do not see the millionaire groom, while his ‘golden kids’ select and decide their father’s new lover.

‘Participants will settle in the country mansion of their potential husband to feel the taste of luxury, but they will have to undergo difficult tests: checks on a lie detector and even remember secrets that they would prefer to forget …

‘The winner, chosen by the children, will receive a marriage proposal.

‘Will she reciprocate?’

The presenter of the show is Ekaterina Odintsova, one-time lover of assassinated Russian politician Boris Nemtsov and mother of two of his children.

One review was scathing about the contest.

‘Instead of a show about love, Millionaire for Marriage has turned into a fair – and even the sale of brides, a battle for ‘sugar daddy’, who can provide a comfortable existence,’ complained

‘Some admit that they would be ready even to live in a harem with such a husband.’

The wealthy Scherbinin has been married and divorced five times, while he has also lived with two other women, he said.

He had one additional ‘fictitious’ marriage when he was younger, in order to get registration permitting him to be in Moscow, he confessed. 

Alexandra, 16, (left) and Sofia, 20, (right) were given free reign to grill the contestants as much as they pleased

The competition winner received the opportunity to live with millionaire Konstantin in his Moscow mansion

Konstantin with all his children, including the boys Konstantin Jr (left) and Timofey (right)

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