Mum buried son’s head after killer lover refused to reveal location of his body

A notorious killer who decapitated her lover and dumped his head in a river is set to walk free from prison – despite refusing to reveal the location of her victim’s body.

Kathy Yeo was jailed in 2000 for the gruesome murder of Christopher Mark Dorrian, 31, in a grisly case that shocked Australia.

Yeo, now 47, shot her former work colleague in the head three times after he tried to end their relationship following a brief fling in 1997.

His head was found washed up in a sports bag in near the Cooks River in Marrickville, Sydney. His body was never found.

Mr Dorrian’s family have pleaded with the former psychiatric nurse to reveal his burial location, which has remained a mystery for over 20 years.

Dorrian’s mother, Desiree, tragically described to Australia’s Nine Network how she was forced to bury her son’s head and passed away without knowing the truth behind his disturbing death.

NSW’s State Parole Authority has confirmed that Yeo will be released on July 13, despite a campaign by Mark’s son James to introduce a "no body, no parole" rule.

A board spokesperson said Yeo has “undertaken all appropriate programs” for her release.

Mr Dorrian had been shot three times in the skull before his head was severed, an autopsy report revealed.

A court ordered Yeo to serve 24 years behind bars for the savage killing, with the final 18 months suspened.

The New South Wales government said it will challenge Yeo’s release and is working with the family’s lawyer to bring the case to Australia’s Supreme Court.

“The Commissioner of Corrective Services opposed parole on the basis the offender needed more time & exposure to the external leave program,” according to Corrections Minister David Elliot.

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