Mum dies and daughter left fighting for life after falling from funfair ride

A woman has been killed and her daughter is fighting for her life after the pair fell from a funfair ride.

Shocking mobile phone footage captured the moment 50-year-old Irma Sanchez Albarran and daughter Nayeli Morales Sanchez dropped from the top of the ride.

The ride had been flipping over and over as it was meant to, but as it got to the highest point, a safety bar failed.

One woman falls first, quickly followed by the second, and they could be seen dropping about 33ft.

The mum died at the scene and her daughter, 26, remains critically ill in hospital.

Footage of the shocking incident that took place in Penjamo in the central Mexican state of Guanajuato surfaced online.

Mirror Online has decided to edit the end of the video, due to its graphic nature.

In the short video, the amusement ride flips and thrills its screaming occupants before suspending in mid air while inverted.

The safety bar on one section suddenly springs loose.

The State Attorney General’s Office is investigating the cause of the accident at the Penjamo Fair, part of the city’s May festivities.

Authorities have been in contact with the family, but confirmed that no arrests have yet been made.

The fatal accident happened three days after the annual fair opened.

Mrs Sanchez Albarran’s body was taken to Irapuato to undergo an autopsy while her daughter is still in intensive care.

The investigation continues.

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