Mum-of-four found dead in bed by daughter after complaining she was tired

A mum-of-four was found dead in bed after complaining she was exhausted, an inquest heard.

Andrea Webley, of Barry in Wales, hadn’t felt well over Christmas and had gone to bed on New Year’s Day but was up all night with her son.

The 43-year-old’s daughter found her dead the next morning.

Her partner, Dave Coslett, told Pontypridd Coroner’s Court: "We first met in 2002 when I was 29 and she was 26 on a night out in Barry. I was the local postman. We never got married.

"She went to work at Morrisons in Barry and left in 2014-15. A year later she started working for a T-shirt printing business.

"She smoked cannabis daily but not all day."

By January 2 Ms Webley had been up all night with her son after he became unsettled, reports Wales Online.

"We went up to bed [on the evening of January 1] and said she was going to put [our son] into our bed. I went and slept in [our son’s] room.

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"At 8.20am [on January 2] I went in to check on them. [Our son] was awake and Andrea said she was still tired. I took [our son] downstairs.

"At 9.30am Andrea still looked subdued. I gave her a kiss and told her to take the day off work.

"At 10am I left and at 10.45am Andrea was still in bed."

Their daughter hurt her arm so Mr Coslett went home to help. At that point Ms Webley was still asleep. Mr Coslett then left for work again at 11.15am.

But he got a call just after noon from his daughter saying Ms Webley was "blue and she [their daughter] couldn’t wake her".

"I only work two streets away so went home," he added.

"She wasn’t sat up or lying down. Her face and lips were blue.

"I decided to remove Andrea from the bed and lie her down and do CPR for around 10 minutes before the first responders arrived and took over."

But Ms Webley was pronounced dead the same day.

"As far as I’m aware Andrea went to sleep and never woke up," Mr Coslett said.

"She had complained about feeling unwell and that was nothing out of the ordinary.

"She was completely exhausted that day. Normally she would battle on and chill later.

"I could see it in her face."

Mr Coslett said Ms Webley had suffered lightheadedness on New Year’s Eve as well as having abdominal and back pain over Christmas.

A post-mortem examination was carried out by Dr David Thomas at the University Hospital of Wales in Cardiff on January 5.

He told the court there was no evidence of trauma or injury or of her having a heart attack or pneumonia.

There was evidence of cannabis in her blood and urine which Mr Madden, who analysed the toxicology results, said "could have had an impact" on her death.

But Mr Thomas said her cause of death was unascertained, although he said Sudden Adult Death Syndrome (SADS) could have been a possibilty.

Coroner Andrew Barkley recorded an open conclusion at the inquest on Wednesday.

"Over Christmas she had abdominal pain which was nothing unusual," he said.

"We know she was a drug user of cannabis and smoked it before going to bed on January 1. It was what was her downtime.

"She was extremely tired from being up through the night and left in bed asleep.

"She was described as being exhausted but other than that she was in relative good health.

"There are many possibilities, none of which can be proven.

"As deeply upsetting as that is that’s the position we’re in."

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