Mum of four kids killed in 'petrol bomb' arson attack releases Valentine's balloons for them in touching hospital video

Brave Michele Pearson, 37, croaked "Happy Valentine's Day, kids" through the tracheotomy tube in her neck – as she lay back in a wheelchair and let go of the four heart-shaped balloons.

She lost 15-year-old daughter Demi, her brother Brandon, eight, and sisters Lacie, seven, and Lia, three, in the inferno at her home in Walkden, Greater Manchester last year.

She was left in a coma following the devastating blaze and didn't learn until she woke four months later that her children had died.

Michele has been recovering in hospital ever since and has now spoken about her ordeal, thanking firefighters and the community.

Loved ones counted down as she let go of the balloons in the hospital garden.

Happy Valentine's Day, kids

She can be seen with casts on both legs and bandages under her hospital gown.

Vile Zak Bolland, 23, launched petrol bombs at the family home after being involved in a petty feud with Michelle's 17-year-old son Kyle Pearson.

Bolland, along with David Worrall, 25, removed a fence panel from the garden of Michelle's home before smashing a kitchen window and tossing lit petrol bombs inside.

The second bomb "exploded" near the stairs – blocking the only exit to the ground floor and trapping the victims upstairs as flames engulfed the three-bedroom mid-terrace house in Walkden, Greater Manchester.

Kyle Pearson, who had been feuding with Bolland, managed to escape along with a friend, Bobby Harris, who was also staying at the house.

Bolland was caged for life for starting the blaze, while pal Worrall, 25, was jailed for a minimum of 37 years.

Accomplice Courtney Brierley, 20, was handed a minimum of 21 for her part in the devastating fire.

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