Mum reveals hilarious moment son and his pal covered themselves with fake tan while she wasn't looking

Billie Fotheringham's adorable snap shows Kyle, two, and his three-year-old pal Leo plastered in brown stains from head to toe.

The cute pair were playing at Kyle's home in Fife, Scotland when they suddenly went quiet and snuck off.

Becoming suspicious, Billie went to check on them, only to find Leo smiling while trying to hide his modesty and Kyle with orange-stained hands, and patchy brown legs.

Billie couldn't resist capturing the moment, and even recorded Leo telling his auntie, Kyle tanned "my a**".

Posting the photo on social media, Billie wrote: "So Kyle and Leo decided to get a hold of my FAKE TAN!! I cannot cope.

"And Kyle apparently 'tanned Leo's a**'".

Leo's mum Shirley Goodsire said: "They were hiding in Kyle's room and we thought they were too quiet so Billie went through to check on them and tada there they were.

"They took the tan and hit it in the room.

"Billie walked in and screamed because she didn't know what it was to start with until she found the empty tan bottle was all over the floor, over the covers and of course all over them.

"I couldn't even give him a row because it was just too funny. My sister and mum on the phone to my son after it happened. It just looks like a natural tan now."

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