Mum who couldn’t afford Halloween uses Onlyfans to splash out on kids costumes

A mum-of-four who had no money for her kids to take part in Halloween is now using her OnlyFans fortune to help struggling families celebrate the creepy holiday after her own family experienced hardship.

Courtney Tillia, 35, has splashed $350 (£305) on her children's Dustin and Robin Stranger Things outfits this year after previously being unable to afford to join in.

But now, the former teacher can afford to buy and donate Halloween costumes due to her work on the lucrative adult platform.

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She told the Daily Star: "When we were school teachers the basic necessities became hard, but when the holidays approached there was this added stress.

"How were we going to be able to get our kids the things they desired and deserved?

"I remember a few years, we were unable to purchase our kids' Halloween costumes.

"One of those years we found an old gift card that we were able to use to buy our son a costume, but other times my mother-in-law would step in to help provide!"

Courtney previously shared how she had become "depressed, anxious, and even resentful" with her teaching job so quit in 2016 to become a life coach.

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She began using OnlyFans in 2019, which has now seen her amass almost 60k subscribers and earn between $50,000 and $100,000 per month.

The ex-teacher added: "Now that our lives and our income has drastically changed, we have been able to purchase any costume our kids desire!

"And I’ve even purchased myself a couple of costumes to attend different events around town and to create fun content that my audience loves!"

Courtney said "being able to give back is one of the best things" as she spoke about her reasoning for donating costumes and trick-or-treating bags to other families.

She said: "We also 'adopt' families to help around the holidays so that their kids get to experience the joy and spirit of the season, as they should!

"It’s still very important to us to give back to kids and families who are still struggling like we were.

"I remember what it was like to be in the space of not being able to afford things for our family. I also remember when people would reach out to help us and how much that alleviated our stress.

"Families should be able to enjoy this time together and the memories created without worrying about the basics.

"We are so grateful to be able to provide amazing experiences and gifts for our family and children and not have to worry about the finances of it all."

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